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Top Boarding Schools in Montreux Switzerland for international students in 2024, reviews


Are you into Swiss boarding schools? Do you want to study at the best schools in the world? Take a closer look at boarding schools in Montreux and choose the one which is the best for you! Located on the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux hosts the seasonal Jazz Festival and the Christmas Market. As a town of music, it has priviledged relations with celebrities, such as Freddie Mercury and Igor Stravinsky. Nestling between Lake Geneva and the steep mountains, Montreux enjoys a Mediterranean microclimate. In July it lives to the rhythm of the Montreux Jazz Festival: 20 days of concerts and some 250,000 visitors. At a close distance, Chillon Castle, located on a rocky isle, proposes an enchanting journey through time. This medieval fortress on the mountainside and princely residence on the lakeside is one of the most visited monuments in Switzerland. From Montreux station, a cogwheel train takes visitors in an hour to Rochers-de-Naye where they can enjoy a 360° view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Not to be missed: the animal park “Marmottes Paradis “ an Alpine garden and Mongolian yurts to spend the night in. Swiss private schools in Montreaux belong to best in the world. Boarding schools in Montreux belong to one of the most prestigious schools with the high appreciation for tradition. Boarding schools in Montreux are your passport to the best colleges and universities in the world because of the high level of education which is provided here. What is more, You can find American boarding schools and British boarding schools in the area. Check our selection of boarding schools in Montreux!