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20 reasons to choose BBS
(Best Boarding Schools)

A top Education Consultancy that specializes in providing the most comprehensive boarding school placement service in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Europe, USA and Canada
Best Boarding Schools provides you with a complete service that delivers everything you need to find and secure the right school place for your child. You will be provided with high quality school application advice and support through every stage of the school placement process.
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Partnership with over 1000 best schools in the UK, Europe North America
Best Boarding Schools represents and works with more than 1000 of the top boarding schools in the UK, Europe, North America. This enables Best Boarding Schools to give you access to the best educational opportunities for your child wherever in the world they wish to study.
Extensive experience in securing places for students at top boarding schools in the UK, Switzerland, USA and Canada
Best Boarding Schools has over 30 years of experience of educational consultancy and a long history of successfully securing places for students at top boarding schools across the world. We are proud of our extensive knowledge of the top boarding schools and their admission requirements. In talking to one of our consultants you will quickly benefit from this experience.
An expert team of Educational Advisors available for bespoke individual school advice for local and international students and their families
Our team are specialists in international boarding school education. You will benefit from the support of an experienced Educational Advisor who will provide you with impartial advice and a personal service unique to the individual needs of your family in choosing a school. Your Best Boarding Schools Educational Advisor will provide you with a shortlist of suitable schools and support you through every step of the way through the process of selecting and securing a place at the best school.
BBS online Agency – you are able to access our educational advice from anywhere in the world

Best Boarding Schools offers online access through which is an important resource for international parents trying to find the right boarding school for their child. This includes using 1 to 1 assistance of our Educational Advisors in the school search process, access to a fully searchable up to date Boarding Schools Directory of over 1000 boarding schools throughout Europe and America with a tool to compare different schools in which you have an interest.

Onshore support with offices in the UK and Switzerland

You can count on our specialized services from our London, Geneva and international offices. These can provide you with any practical assistance you will require to enable you to commence your studies.

A service that is reliable to parents
We are honest and reliable. We treat your child as it was ours. You will be able to learn from our inside experience of visiting campuses in the UK, Switzerland, Canada and the US. You will be able to get contacts to the parents who used our services and learn more about their specific schools experience over the last years.
Provision of information about boarding school fees, financial payment plans and available financial assistance from your chosen boarding school
Fees vary considerably from school to school and there are a wide range of payment arrangements including requirements for advance deposits and payment methods such as lump sums and direct debit payment. In addition, schools may include a range of “Extras” that are not included in the basic fee amount. Best Boarding Schools can offer you financial advice and guidance in making your choice of school and identify any potential help available from a school to help you pay the fees.
Help with finding boarding school scholarships
Many senior schools offer scholarships to attract bright or talented students. These can be either for academic, musical or artistic achievement. Best Boarding Schools can provide you with information on awards offered by your chosen schools and their associated examination and interview requirements.
Arranging visits to shortlisted schools before you decide which school to choose
We can arrange appointments with your shortlisted schools to help you make a further selection before registering for admission. Your Educational Advisor will be happy to accompany you on school visits on request.. We can also organize overnight school stays for your child before you reach a final decision.
Help with organizing international transport and accommodation when you visit your shortlisted and final choice schools

We can provide advice on travel arrangements and local accommodation to visit your new school. This will include arrangements for transfers from airport to the school.

Help with building your child’s profile and with fulfilling admissions procedures, entrance testing and interview preparation
We start by building a profile of your child and identifying your wishes and expectations. We wil use the information you provide to identify a shortlist of suitable schools that offer the right match for your child and that we have checked have places available. We will then guide you through admissions and enrolment procedures.
Providing you with boarding school testimonials from former students and their families
To further assist you in making your boarding school selection, Best Boarding Schools can arrange for you to be provided with testimonials from students who have attended your shortlisted schools and their families.
Help with organizing a guardian for your child
UK boarding schools take their responsibility for the welfare of international students very seriously and they usually require all international students to appoint a UK based legal Guardian who is appointed by the parents and can be there on behalf of the student if there is an emergency. The guardian can also take an interest in the student’s development and progress and supporting a school with its pastoral care. Best Boarding Schools has relationships with accredited AEGIS guardians in the UK and can provide you with recommendations or make the required arrangements upon request.
Exclusive Visa assistance
We can provide advice on travel arrangements and local accommodation for visits your new school. This will include arrangements for transfers from airport to the school.
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Welcome and Information Session when you arrive in the country of your student placement
To help you adapt to your new country, Best Boarding Schools will arrange for one of our Educational Advisors to contact you when you arrive. When you speak to Your Educational Adviser they will be able address any early concerns and answer any questions you may have.
Help with finding Summer, Winter and Easter Courses
Summer, Winter and Easter courses offer unique academic, English language, adventure, sporting, cultural or artistic opportunities for students. There are a vast number and variety of Summer, Winter and Easter courses available making it difficult for parents and students to be confident they have made the right choice of course for them. Best Boarding Schools will use our wide experience and work hard to make sure students find the right course that matches there needs.
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Continuing assistance to a student when studying in a new country
Best Boarding Schools interest in our students does not end when they start their studies at a new school and upon request, we can offer a range of additional services during your child’s time at school. This can include arranging Summer programmes to improve their English, GCSEs, A levels and IB Diploma Revision Courses, University Foundation Programmes, summer boarding camps and courses, guardian and home stay services as well as arranging for additional private tuition and airport transfers.
Urgent boarding schools transfer assistance
Should unforeseen circumstances arise that require your child to leave their school unexpectedly, Best Boarding Schools is here to help you and your child to transfer to a new school with the least possible disruption to their studies.
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Global Student Care
We will help you to solve any problems while your student is enrolled at a boarding school abroad. Our assistance will be offered during all the time when registered. You can get in touch any time.