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Your Trusted Guide

Best Boarding Schools specialises in providing a personal service to help your family choose the best boarding school. We offer impartial advice as our only concern is to ensure that we find the schools that best suit the needs of your child. Our approach means that we can consider and work with any of the more than 1000 top boarding schools in the UKEuropeNorth America and the Rest of the World. 

Our website provides a substantial amount of free information on choosing a school and details of individual top boarding schools, however we recognise that many families find the enormous range of choices challenging and daunting and look for us to provide them with impartial advice and navigate the process of making the right decision.

Comprehensive Boarding School Placement Services

Best Boarding Schools Placements Consultants will help you find the right boarding school educational program in the UK, Switzerland, Europe, USA and Canada.
You will receive full support throughout the process, including arranging visits, passing qualification tests, and arranging the child's guardianship services.

How can we help?

Expert Guidance

You will enjoy unlimited access to an advisor during every step of choosing and enrolling your child in school.
Thanks to our support, your child will be able to enroll in the school of your choice and it will be the best possible choice from hundreds and thousands of schools available in the world.
• Do you want to send your child to a boarding school but don’t know how to proceed?
• Are you busy with your own business and can’t find time for research?
• You want to choose the best school, taking into account the child’s needs and interests, but you don’t know how to go about it?
• You want to register at a school, but you are afraid of job interviews and tests that your child will have to pass?
• Are you worried about how your child will cope in the new school?
• You want to guarantee that your child will have good conditions, a comfortable bedroom, and friendly and supportive caregivers at the boarding school?
• You want to ensure that your child will be motivated and encouraged to take advantage of healthy, nutritious meals and a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities to choose from?
• You don’t know the answers to several troubling questions?
• Do you feel doubtdisappointmentangerconfusion or dissatisfaction when thinking about the school your child attends today?
• You cannot find a solution for your child in the educational offer where you live due to his outstanding talents or interests, whether academicartistic, or sport-related?
• Are you unable to help your child develop as they deserve due to their special educational needs such as neurodiversityADHDdyslexiaAsperger’s, or emotional problems?
• Do you want to find a place where your child can fully develop their potential while being supported every day by the best specialists?
• Do you want your child to learn to develop their passions and interests?
• Do you want your child to adapt to an international school community and learn about the culture and customs of various countries around the world?
• You visit the websites of dozens of schools and agencies providing application assistance, but you feel confused and unsure if you are making the right choice?
• You can’t assess whether a given school has a high ranking and how to look for such rankings?
• You want your child to get into the best universities in the world?
• You want your child to have an excellent education, which will lead to a bright future and fulfillment?
• You are not sure what is the best solution when it comes to the curriculum and requirements for choosing subjects that your child would like to learn more about?
• Are you afraid that the agent you choose will recommend you a school that earns them the highest commission for recruiting your child?
• Do you have a different opinion about your child’s needs than your partner and would you like to consult your and your partner’s opinion with a specialist?
• Would you like your child’s expectations to be met? Would you like for someone to talk to them and dispel their doubts and stress related to the change that comes with living in a boarding school?
• Do you want to feel that you can trust someone?
• You probably don’t want to waste your time or search through the profiles of hundreds of schools anymore?
• Maybe it is worth asking for help from a specialist who will guide you through the entire process?

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why choose us?

Personalized School Selection

Finding a school where your child will feel comfortable, at home, and have all of their needs handled is not an easy task. Each child is unique. Some pupils need a great deal of freedom or constant inspiration and support, while others need someone to help them with their schoolwork. Every school has a unique atmosphere and offers a wide range of different sports and outdoor activities.
By consulting our advisor, you may choose the best school for your child, one where they will feel most comfortable and excel in all areas. By contacting us you could save time, and avoid possible mistakes in choosing a school. We will help you navigate the school selection and application process more quickly and effectively, and your child and the entire family will go through the process without stress.

How can we help?

Our solutions:

We can solve your problems and doubts.
If you feel that this is about you, we have a solution.
We will discuss with you all the needs of your child and the interests and requirements of your family.
We will help you choose the best offers for the so-called short list. 
We will organize online interviewsassessmentsschool visits, and accommodate your child on campus for a few nights as a trial. 
We will help you organize transport so that you can visit several schools and see what they have to offer. 
We will help you organize a visa and find a guardian for your child, if they are a minor.
We will discuss the pros and cons of each school you are interested in.
We will find the best school for your child.
We will stay in touch until the end of your child’s stay at boarding school and will try to resolve any issues, should they arise.
If necessary, we will help you transfer to another school.
With access to our services you will gain contact with a counselor who will stand by you and your child.
You will be able to use the current database of the best schools in the world, along with their videosphotos and full educational offers.
You will benefit from the knowledge and experience that your advisor has gained over 14 years on the market.
You will have access to current photos of the campus, and educational offers, as well as information that can be gathered by visiting school campuses in person.
We are able to find an educational solution for every child.
You will find a perfect place for your child to develop.
You will be sure that the school you choose is the one that meets your expectations.
You will be sure that the child will be in a place where they will be able to develop their potential, where bullying will not be tolerated and any bad behavior will be noticed immediately and stigmatized.
You will gain time to carry out activities that are important to you.

Margaret Kos

CEO and Best Boarding Schools Consultant has over 30 years of international and financial experience gained first in consulting companies and later in educational counseling for families from 60 countries around the world. 

Best Boarding Schools

Parent Testimonial

”It can be extremely difficult for an overseas family to select the best British boarding school for their children among the variety of school prospectuses. We were fortunate enough to locate Margaret Kos. Margaret’s guidance is genuinely personalized, and she assisted us in locating the best boarding school in England for our son so we could provide him with an enriching and happy educational experience, solely because of Margaret’s professional competence, her wealth of experience, and her sincere commitment.”

~ Lisa, Norway