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The Boarding Schools Search and Placement Process that we offer

Finding a school where your child will feel comfortable, at home, and have all of their needs handled is not an easy task. Each child is unique. Some pupils need a great deal of freedom or constant inspiration and support, while others need someone to help them with their schoolwork. Every school has a unique atmosphere and offers a wide range of different sports and outdoor activities.

By consulting our advisor, you may choose the best school for your child, one where they will feel most comfortable and excel in all areas. By contacting us you could save time, and avoid possible mistakes in choosing a school. We will help you navigate the school selection and application process more quickly and effectively, and your child and the entire family will go through the process without stress.

Margaret Kos

CEO and Best Boarding Schools Consultant has assisted more than 6000 families from over 65 countries around the world over the last 14 years.

Best Boarding Schools

Parent Testimonial

Dear Margaret,

Thanks for touching base. Teo is very happy in Kingsley. He is looking forward to the school start and can’t wait to see his buddies again. He made a very positive development. It’s great to see how hard he works on his triggers. I recommend you to various people. Some of them have taken your services already 🙂

Thanks and best regards,


How can we help you?

Expert Boarding School Placement Consultant

She has placed many highly gifted students at the UK, Swiss, US, Canadian and European boarding schools as well as students with sports and arts interests and special education needs. She has placed students at over 450 boarding schools so far.

She has personally visited boarding schools campuses in the US, Canada, the UK and Switzerland either taking part in FAM boarding schools tours or while visiting schools with individual families and their children. She may also offer the contacts for the previous families that registered their children at boarding schools in the past and share their insights and views and opinions.

She knows the needs of today's business owners, CEOs, experts and educational offers in Europe, Great Britain, the USA and Canada. She knows how to support a family and a child who wants to study at a boarding school.

We acknowledge that it may be difficult to trust a consultant, however, our approach is unique in that we advise as if we were the child's guardian and as if the child was our responsibility.

Our services are for all families who want to find out which school may be the best option for their child. We work both with parents who live in the country where they want to send their child to school and with parents who live abroad.

We can help with choosing a school with GCSEs, A levels, IB Diploma or University Foundation Programme, for children aged 7-19. We can also help find schools for children with special educational needs.

Best Boarding Schools

Global Boarding School Placement Experts

We have assisted over 6,000 clients from all over the world in the past 14 years. We recognize the common mistakes made by parents, and understand how disorienting it can be to browse through hundreds of school and agency websites. We know how it feels to be uncertain and unsure of where to begin your search in the absence of answers to several questions.

We will contact parents or guardians at the previously agreed time via Zoom, Teams, Google Meets, Instagram, or WhatsApp. During our initial discussion, we will ascertain the needs and expectations of your family, as well as that of your child. We will also talk to the children themselves and solve their doubts and concerns before changing schools. Possible tests, school visits, and all correspondence with the school will be coordinated by us. We will assist you in obtaining a visa. The entire process may take from one to twelve months, depending on when it started and whether you are applying to a school that is difficult to get into due to its popularity or high position in academic rankings.

How can we help you?

School Search and Placement explained

We are well informed about all types of scholarships and we will inform you about these possibilities and assist you in applying.  We invite you to use our consultation service.  This service covers the entire process from the beginning to the end; searching for a school and registration procedure, until the child leaves the school.

You get unlimited access to your Boarding School Advisor and also any assistance while your child is registered in a boarding school for the whole duration of their stay.

Please be aware that if you have paid the deposit directly to the school and you ultimately decide not to send your child, the school is entitled to keep the deposit as per the terms of your contract.

We place students in boarding schools and programs assisting ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger, emotional problems and other educational needs.

How can we help you?

Our Boarding School Placement service

After joining our consulting service, we will contact you to determine the best time and day to talk to your family.

● We will contact you by e-mail, or telephone, and we will determine the form of contact.

● Access to our service will be available until the registration of your child at the boarding school and then throughout the child’s stay at the boarding school to solve any problems on an ongoing basis.

● Data processing is organized by an SSL-encrypted system. No one has access to the data.

As a truly international education consultancy, our global network enables us to support families and children from all around the world.

We welcome students and families who are committed to the concept of an international education, whether they are local or international. Our schools’ inclusive admissions philosophy is open to all students who can benefit from the education offered, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or language.

We will find a school for any child.

They must be willing and capable to meet the academic demands of the school they want to apply to with us, to benefit from the education that is provided and to identify with their chosen school philosophy.

In order to meet schools educational and pastoral obligations, it is vital that the individuals responsible for our students’ school placement are in complete agreement with the schools educational principles and support the school in its efforts. Best Boarding Schools Consultants must therefore be in possession of all the necessary information relevant to the personal, academic and physical development of its students that are required to find their schools.

Our boarding school search and placement INCLUDES:

  • Finding out all about family and child’s preferences and requirements such as academic and pastoral care, sports, drama, arts and co-curriculars offered
  • School search and drawing a shortlist
  • Assistance with organising family schools visits, sleepovers and interviews
  • Assistance with assessments, choosing guardians and arranging visas
  • Discussing with family and children all the advantages and helping to make a final choice
  • Solving any problems that arise during the child’s placement at a boarding school

Our assistance does NOT include:

●  Filling in application forms

●  Applying for documents like tuberculosis test necessary to apply for a visa

●  University applications




You can make your initial enquiry either by Completing our website Enquiry Form E-mailing us at Telephoning one of our Educational Advisors


When we receive your enquiry, one of our Educational Advisors will contact you to learn as much as possible about your child’s profile (nationality, name, gender, date of birth) and family background, their academic ability, strengths and weaknesses, level of English and their interests such as sport, music or drama. You will also be asked about own details and your priorities and aspirations for the type of school you are seeking. This will include the level of fees you are looking to pay. Our Educational Advisor will also discuss curriculum options to establish which is best for your child and


After the initial consultation we will ask you to complete our Best Boarding Schools Application Form and arrange for your child’s current school to provide the following supporting documents directly to us through our e-mail address The two most recent school reports and any teacher evaluations References from your child’s school In addition, you should provide details of any medical conditions that could affect your son’s / daughter’s studies. We will also ask for detailed information about your child’s language proficiency Completion of our Application Form provides us with full details of your child. We will use this will to complete the assessment of your child’s needs and prepare an initial shortlist of schools for your consideration. Our Education Advisor will contact you if any further information or clarification is needed at this stage.


After our assessment of the information you have provided our Educational Advisor will contact a selection of appropriate schools and provide you with a list (between 3 and 8 in number) of schools that are most suitable for you and have available places. Your Educational Advisor will provide you with information about the schools we are recommending. At your request, we will also arrange for you to be sent the school Prospectuses and Brochures.


Once you have had time to review the list of recommended schools, your Educational Advisor will arrange to hold an in-depth discussion with you. The objective of this discussion will be to review the list of recommended schools with you, establish your preferences and conclude a clear plan to make sure that the required preparations are identified and put in hand. At this stage your Educational Advisor will also discuss the need to arrange any learning support programmes where English language ability is too low or another special learning need has been identified.


Once you have had time to review the list of recommended schools, your Educational Advisor will arrange to hold an in-depth discussion with you. The objective of this discussion will be to review the list of recommended schools with you, establish your preferences and conclude a clear plan to make sure that the required preparations are identified and put in hand. Your Educational Advisor will make arrangements for your family to visit the schools you have chosen (we suggest no more than xx) in order that you can make a final selection before registering for admission. Your Educational Advisor will make the appointments with schools, assist with any travel and accommodation arrangements. They will also be pleased to accompany your family on their school visits


Once you have selected your preferred schools, you will be required to complete a school Application or Registration Form. You will be advised of the school’s entry requirements for your chosen schools and also be asked to pay an international student registration fee (between £100 and £1000) directly to each school. You will also be asked to sign a parent-school contract. Throughout the application process your Educational Advisor will act as a liaison between your family and the school. Your Educational Advisor can arrange for the schools to send you all required Application or Registration documents and provide any assistance you require with their completion and submission at the correct times.


Most top UK boarding schools will require applicants to pass entrance tests as well as be interviewed in order to be admitted. Your Educational Advisor will explain to you the admissions process to your preferred schools. If it is not possible for an applicant to be in the UK to complete the entrance exam or interview, your Educational Advisor will assist in making special arrangements with the schools to send exam papers to an approved examination centre (e.g. British Council Offices and approved overseas schools) in the applicant’s home country and also assist to arranging a Skype interview. Where a need is identified, your Educational Advisor can arrange for additional private tuition for an entrance exam and interview coaching for an additional cost.


Once your family has received an offer from a preferred school, your Educational Advisor will continue to help you with understanding the school contracts, terms and conditions, deposit and fee payment schedules and any additional joining requirements. In the case of more than one offer being received your Educational Advisor will be available to discuss your thoughts and impressions with you and offer further advice and guidance to help with your final selection.


Once the family has made the big decision and accepted an offer from a school your Educational Advisor is able to provide you with the following support. If required by your child, assist you to obtain a UK Visa Help you set up guardianship or host family arrangements by referring you to an AEGIS accredited company that provides this Once your child has started at the school, continue to be available to you to contact the school on your behalf if you have any concerns. In the case of more than one offer being received your Educational Advisor will be available to discuss your thoughts and impressions with you and offer further advice and guidance to help with your final selection.