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Top boarding schools in Montenegro for international students


Do you want to study at some best boarding schools in Europe? Why not to take a look at boarding schools in Montenegro? Montenegro is a country in the Southeastern Europe and it has a coast in the Adriatic Sea and it is bordered by Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital city is Podgorica, being also the largest city in the country. Montenegro is a member of the UN, the World Trade Organization, the Council of Europe and a founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean. Montenegro is also a candidate to become a member of the European Union and the NATO. As far as the most interesting places are concerned, the following examples belong to the most appearing ones: the Ostrog Monastery, the Lake Skadar, the Tara River Canyon or the Millennium Bridge. As far as the education is concerned, boarding schools in Montenegro are one of top boarding schools in Europe and in the world. Students really appreciate the international aspect of those schools and the international cooperation between other European boarding schools. boarding schools in Montenegro combine pleasure with learning and present also a practical aspect of teaching process. Students can pass the exams and receive international diplomas and certificates, such as International Baccalaureate which are a substantial help while applying for international colleges and universities. Boarding schools in Montenegro are safe and sound environment to study in and students can grow up and develop with a help of well-trained teaching staff. Please enjoy and take a look at our selection of the best boarding schools in Montenegro!