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Top boarding schools in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK for internationals

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Located on the mouth of the River Lagan, Belfast is the logical entry point for visitors to Northern Island because the city is one of the closest and most accessible areas to Great Britain. Belfast is a welcoming community, where international travelers are warmly received into the city. If you plan to study English courses in Belfast you'll notice the this friendliness the second you step into your first pub or explore the low rolling hills that surround the city. Although during Northern Ireland's years of political unrest Belfast was often too dangerous for outsiders to visit, nowadays it is quite safe and all of Northern Ireland is a popular tourist destination. To really experience all of its past, visitors and students at an English school in Belfast may want to take a Belfast Mural Tour through the city's neighborhoods. Others may be content touring through Donegall Square or shopping at nearby Donegall Place where students can chat and practice their English skills with locals and tourists alike.