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Top Boarding School in Salzburg Austria for international students


Do you want to study in top boarding schools in Europe? Maybe you should decide for those which give you the highest level of education? Boarding schools in Austria are definitely worth to mention, especially those in Salzburg! state of Salzburg. Salzburg’s old town, with its world famous baroque architecture, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and is the birthplace of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Today, Salzburg is a bustling regional capital with three universities home to more than 21,000 students. As the Salzburg region is not one of Austria’s most industrialised regions, the area at the foothills of the Alps has, as yet, remained largely untouched by grand-scale change and is as lovely as it ever was. Dark lakes, sunny alps and the impressive Alpine mountain peaks are worth a visit in summer and winter. Salzburg has been a settlement since the Stone Age and was a bustling city called 'Juvavum' as early as during the Roman Empire. In the baroque era, the city was a thriving capital of culture and religion, when the University of Salzburg was founded in 1622. Salzburg is known not only for its beautiful old town but perhaps even more for the rich remains of European cultural history visible everywhere in the city. Musical geniuses like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Haydn, Arturo Toscanini and Herbert von Karajan influenced the city and the Salzburger Festspiele draw thousands of visitors every summer. Famous Austrian writers like Georg Trakl, Thomas Bernhard, Stefan Zweig and Peter Handke used to live and work here, too. Today, the city is changing. While tourism remains an important economic factor, the vibrant development of education and research institutions in the last couple of years is making Salzburg not only a city of culture, of also a city of science. Boarding schools in Salzburg can offer a lot to its students, no matter what their interests are: science, history, literature or sport. At boarding schools in Salzburg you will find it all! Take a look at our offer and enjoy our selection of boarding schools in Salzburg, Austria.