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Top 2 boarding schools in Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Do you want to study at some of top boarding schools in Czech Republic? These schools are really worth to check out! Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe and is bordered by the Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The capital city and the largest one is Prague with over 1 million residents. The Czech state, formerly known as the Bohemia, was formed in the 9th century as the Duchy of Bohemia and it was under the dominance of the Great Moravian Empire. When it comes to the mot interesting places to see, the city of Prague is definitely one of such places. And the most famous examples of attractions are the following ones: the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, the Prague Astronomical Church or the Municipal House. What is more, education also plays a very important role in Czech Republic life. Boarding schools in Czech Republic are one of the top ranked schools and each year their position is national and international rankings is getting higher and higher. Boarding schools in Czech Republic organize so called Open Days when candidates may visit the school. talk to students and teacher and find out what the schools look like. Students from boarding schools in Czech Republic belong to one of the most talented ones and receive number of prices and award in national and international contests. Graduates from boarding schools in Czech Republic may apply for the best colleges and universities, getting the possibility to become the promising future professionals. Check our selection of the best boarding schools in Czech Republic!