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Dungannon, Northern Ireland

Dungannon is a medium-sized town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Dungannon is a third town in size, as far as this county is concerned. This town is very welcoming towards new arrivals and has the highest percentage of immigrants of any town in Northern Ireland. When it comes to the history, Dungannon was closely connected with the O’Neill Dynasty which ruled a significant part of Ulster in the 17th century. As far as the most inetersting places are concerned, the following examples you will find the most fascinating: the Peatlands Park, the Argory, the Parkanaur Forest Park or the Heritage World. Boarding schools in Dungannon are one of the best educational institutions in the United Kingdom and can offer the highest level of education. Well-qualified teaching staff is always eager to help students in any problem which occur and to answer all of the additional questions. Teachers are happy when students present more interest in what they are learning and this is why at boarding schools in Dungannon there is a possibility to choose from many extra-curricular activities. Boarding schools in Dungannon are the best choice which could have been made by you! Here we present schools in Northern Ireland!