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We receive many question concerning education at girls boarding schools, as well as the advantages of such institutions. First of all girls boarding school is a school which is focused only on girls needs and on their passions and hobbies which are almost always different than those of boys. Secondly boarding schools for girls can help to evaluate girls’ individual needs to be a leaders and to shine among others and what is often limited and pushed aside in co- educational schools. Moreover, studies show that boarding schools for girls are better schools when it comes to shaping confidence and development of individual values. Girls boarding school is a really great opportunity for girls to develop in an uninterrupted society. What is more, it was proved that boarding school for girls is a great opportunity to shape confidence in a more shy students. Moreover, at such facilities girls are more open and participate in classes more willingly and do not feel embarrassed. They are also more eager to talk on difficult and controversial subjects because there are no boys present, which often functions as a brake when it comes to girls participation in discussion. Additionally, girls boarding school have recorder better achievements of girls than of those who have decided to attend co-educational boarding facilities. What is also quite an interesting fact is that friendships made during school years at such single-sex facilities, lasts longer that those from mixed boarding schools. It is not a mystery that parents are often afraid to send their daughters to girls boarding schools, because they think that they will be separated and may be viewed as outsiders because they do not attend “normal” co-ed school. However, one should know that there is nothing wrong in attending such schools, especially that studies show the positive aspects of such form of education. If you still do not feel convinced, then please contact us and we will give you more details concerning advantages of boarding schools for girls. What need to be emphasized is the fact that boarding schools for girls especially meet the demands of girls only. It is important to say that girls are almost always interested in differ-ent hobbies or passions than boys. Teachers and psychologists who work at top girls board-ing schools are concentrated on emotions and problems of their students and are always there to help them. British boarding schools for girls are ranked among top all girl boarding schools in the world, especially because of the high level of education, as well as the best teaching staff. Top 10 girls boarding schools are very popular each year so the application process must start really early. Private boarding schools for girls offer many interesting courses and extra-curricular activities which help girls to develop their abilities.