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Boarding schools in Canada are often unappreciated institutions. Canada is perceived as one of the fastest developing countries in the world which is perceived as a worldwide partner. Boarding schools in Canada can offer a lot for both national and international students, by giving a possibility to receive International Certificates and diplomas. A huge variety of study courses, supported by extra-curricular activities, gives a possibility to shape individual skills and passions. Canada is not only a developing country but also a country which has a lot of cultural heritage which can be explored by international students. Apart from usual classes, students can be offered many practical lessons which are a significant help to get the best education possible. Boarding schools’ reality is that children learn how to function in a mixed society which is free of discriminations and prejudices. Because of this fact, boarding schools in Canada are so appreciated by parents who want their children to transform into proper adults. All of the schools in Canada can offer a variety of athletic activities which will be not only a form of spending a free time but also will help students to work in teams. Group functioning and a lot of team work, is a guarantee that students will develop in a proper way. Those who face behavioral or educational difficulties will be taken care of by teachers and will not be left behind. When it comes to international candidates, boarding schools are great opportunity to master their second language skills and to make their future career more promising.