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Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, Florida, USA is a co-educational boarding school for boys and girls.

The very first thing you notice when you step into Florida Air Academy is its beautiful location within a blend of tropical foliage and Spanish style architecture. The school is located only two miles away from the Atlantic Ocean and not far away from the Kennedy Space Center where you will be able to see the Mercury, Apollo and recently added Space Shuttle vehicles.

Our main purpose is success! We try hard to work hard with every student. I does not matter if your child is only dealing with school, or want to achieve academic excellence.  We offer the F.A.A.s individualised education programme which promote success.

We put a lot of effort to make sure that our pupils are aware of plenty of possibilities which are available for them after graduation from our School. For students who face some problems during learning, we can offer additional, after school, supportive learning programme, which an Academic Assistance program, private lessons support from our teachers.What is more, our Director of the Guidance Department supervises whole administration of college admissions tests such as the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL.

We are the School which promotes a significance and importance of international education and cooperation.Lately, our previous graduates got together and it was obvious that school time friendships still exist.

What is more, almost one-third of our students come from different countries from all over the world. 23 countries and 20 states are represented inside our students community. We believe in strong advantages of international learning because students may find out more about people from another cultures, and this type of approach was proven to be beneficial.

We still work with the students to find new  and innovative  programs and activities, as well as to develop the already existing ones. We want to add new venues, activities and trips and we must admit that we are really lucky to be located in such a wonderful place that we can explore the beauty of Florida.


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    College Counseling, ESL: Advanced, ESL: Beginning, ESL: Intermediate, Evening Study Assistance, Learning Center, Learning Differences Support, Peer Tutoring, Study Skills Assistance, Subject Tutoring, Technology Center, Writing Center

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Florida Air Academy: Melbourne, Florida, USA | Best Boarding Schools
Florida Air Academy: Melbourne, Florida, USA | Best Boarding Schools



1950 Academy Dr, Melbourne, FL 32901 , Melbourne, Florida, United States, Postcode - 32901
Email - info@best-boarding-schools.net

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