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The main purpose of the UK boarding schools is to prepare its students for future college education. Most boarding schools in the UK are co-educational boarding institutions however, there are also girls boarding schools, as well as boys only schools. UK is one of the most developed countries in the world, which provide a great variety of possibilities for future success. A true boarding schools are those which can offer residential possibilities and a reality of boarding school life. Extra-curricular activities provided at the UK schools combine education with fun, which is probably the best way to teach practical skills and abilities. Students are taken care by the best experts and teachers who are well qualified and who know what are the needs of each student. The schools demand a high quality teachers with the highest qualifications because they are aware of the fact that these are often decisive factors when choosing boarding schools. Moreover, the UK is a great country which is fulfilled with many possibilities for spending time actively. Apart from many museums and galleries which support cultural development of students, there are also other events such as festivals or concerts which can constitute an additional educational element. All of the boarding schools in the UK often a family and worm atmosphere as boarding schools are often perceived as the second home. Boarding schools in the UK offer a possibility to visit the school which candidates are interested in, and children, together with parents, may check the atmosphere of boarding life. How boarding schools achieve this family atmosphere? By dividing school community into smaller ones which concentrate on particular dormitories. The socialization aspect of boarding schools in the UK helps students to develop strong relationships which imitate family realities by spending time in a common rooms. By deciding to attend boarding schools in the UK, students may be sure that will receive education which will meet their individual objectives. Most of boarding schools in England are those which offer co-ed education which helps to develop socialisation aspect between girls and boys. However, among the best boarding schools in England are also girls boarding schools, as well as boys only boarding schools. Such single-sex good boarding schools in UK focus on individual needs of boys and girls. Best boarding schools in UK are ranked among the best boarding schools in the world, especially because of the high level of education and innovative school programmes. Ranking of top 10 boarding schools in UK is a professional and advanced school ranking which gather top boarding schools in UK, as far as education level and results are concerned.