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For some families boarding school rankings are decisive when it comes to the choice of the right school. The whole process starts much earlier than campus visits or entrance exams. It all starts with an already mentioned boarding school rankings which present the best preparatory, but not only these, boarding schools. All of the institutions mentioned in the rankings are the most elite and the most prestigious college-preparatory schools which are aimed for the highest level of education. The top schools in the boarding school ranking, are located in the city centers and have a long history of existence and put a lot of influence on traditional values. In order to create a boarding school ranking which will be the most dependable, there is a necessity to list top educational institutions in a particular country. Then specialists collect and evaluate numerous statistics about each school and use these in order to create an adequate school ranking. Percentage data may concern students’ ratio, types of chosen faculties, size of the school or number of graduates. Such rankings may be helpful for many parents to decide which school appears as the best for their children and these may be used to find the most prestigious institutions. Tiny classes and individual approach and in case of boarding schools, a 24 hours access to faculty are helpful factors when it comes to the students’ way into the best colleges. All of these aspects are taken into consideration when school rankings are being created. One of the reasons for that may be parents’ assurance that their children are not left alone but rather taken care of constantly. Finally, in such rankings one may also find information concerning extra-curricular activities which are also taken into consideration during a decision-making process, both by parents as well as by the future students. Number of boarding schools in UK are ranked among top 10 boarding schools in England. Uk boarding school ranking gathers many elite boarding schools which educate future politi-cians, managers and directors. Top 10 private boarding schools in England are also placed among the best boarding schools in the world. Top ten boarding schools in England offer most professional college preparation which means that the future of your child will be much easier to deal with. Top ten boarding schools in the UK provide A-levels, GCSE’s and IB diploma preparation, as well as offer number of social activities which will develop intellec-tual abilities of students.