Thank you for letting me know this about Bedales. I will scratch it off the list. It looks like a lovely learning environment, but I trust in the process, as things tend to work out for the best in the end. 
All the options you have forwarded on look wonderful. My spirits are uplifted to know there are several options out there, as Liam has struggled a great deal this year and has started to shut down. He is starting to pull through now, but his first term reports are a poor reflection of his true ability. He attends a big, rigorous and busy school, the International School of Luxembourg, at which both my husband and I are teachers. It is an excellent school but not the right match for Liam's needs. 
 I am quite interested in Kingsley, that looks like a very suitable match as Liam surfs, loves the outdoors and quite sporty. He is a real hands-on learner who benefit greatly from their program. I will reach out to them right away.

Margaret, you have been the much-needed wind in my sails. Most sincere thanks,