Dear Ms. Kos.

Thank you very much for all your help in finding a good school for Mia.
We are not sure yet on what to do as it is a very hard decision since she is only 12 y.o.
I have been in touch with Lime House School and it sounds very interesting academically and financially, the only problem is the location. I checked the flights and connection and for us coming from Bermuda is a bit tricky as there is an airport change and I can't afford to come to London every time that Mia has a schoolbreak. I was wondering if there is anything available a bit closer to London as renowned as Lime House School willing to give us an advantage on the rates?

We are traveling through the UK on April 15th and we are planning to change our tickets and go to Cumbria to check the Lime House school also to get a feeling of how difficult the transfer is going to be.

Thank you again for your assistance Ms. Kos and all the help you are providing.

Best regards.