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People are often unaware of the fact that most of boarding schools organise summer camps which are often reffered to as summer barding schools. summer boarding schools are a great opportunity to explore one’s education even more during summer holidays. What is more, this is also an opportunity for a summer adventure which is often so wanted among the young people. At summer boarding schools students have a possibility to explore their country in a more advanced way as well as they have an opportunity to look at their school in a different way. Additionally, summer boarding schools are often available for international students who want to to study in a different country but they do not want to decide for full-time study during school year. such summer schools/camps for teens in UK are a great opportunity to broaden cultural horizons of young people by organising trips to museums, theatres or galleries. When it comes to the level of education, parents may be sure that it is of the highest international standard and that every single teacher thinks about every single student. Moreover, an atmosphere of such summer schools, which is often a little bit more relaxed than during regular schools year, allows for better environment to study and to explore one’s knowledge. Usually, after graduation from summer school, student can receive a certificate or a diploma, which states that they have attended such a school. Such certificates may be written into the CVs as an additional training or workshop obtained by a job candidate. For those who haven’t made the decision to study abroad, travelling is considered the best way to discover the world, learn and appreciate new cultures and languages, hence the International Summer School Programme 2018. Please note the majority of summer courses provide 3-4 hours of English/French/Spanish tuition and then activities in the afternoon to choose from: sports, horse riding, football, tennis, cooking, arts and crafts, drama, fashion, photography, film making and music. There are also specifically designed programmes to prepare your child for a UK boarding school, and also dedicated pre-IB, pre-GCSE, pre-A levels and Medical School/Law/Architecture/Arts/Fashion entry courses. Fees vary depending on the facilities and location, but generally the fees are between £500-£1700 per week including accommodation and all activities! Please get in touch with us if you would like us to advise which course to choose 00 44 20 30 269 440 or write an email We can also set up a skype interview to help you compare courses and choose the one your child will truly enjoy! Do you consider sending your child at summer camps for teens in UK? This is a very good choice, especially that the offer of Summer boarding schools 2018 is really diversified and full of interesting courses. At summer boarding schools, there are many interesting pre-programmes which can prepare your child for future education at UK boarding schools. Among such programmes at summer boarding schools UK are pre-IB, pre-GCSE’s or pre-A levels courses which are taught by the best teachers. Additionally, summer boarding schools do not focus only on education provided on campus, but also outside the school borders. Students from summer boarding schools UK may visit museums, theatres or attend interest-ing concerts or make educational trips.