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Special Needs SEN Boarding Schools UK 2024

Top 55 Special Needs (SEN) Boarding Schools in United Kingdom in 2024

Best Boarding Schools presents the list of UK’s top specialist boarding schools and wilderness programs dealing with students suffering from some serious disorders like dyslexia, autism, ADHD/hyperactivity/ADD, learning difficulties, Asperger’s syndrome, behavioural disorders, dyspraxia or epilepsy. We also provide you the details of some mainstream schools that offer advanced Special Education Needs (SEN) support and facilities.

Special schools in UK are the schools which cater students who need special attention in their educational needs due to some real learning difficulties, behavioural problems or physical disabilities. Special schools are designed, staffed and resourced in a manner that provides appropriate level of education and care for children with additional needs. The special schools or the autism boarding schools hosts a staff of highly qualified and specially trained teachers and specialists like psychologists or other therapists. These schools also make use of the latest technology to serve students with special needs in a better way. Integrating the technology allow students to boost their self-confidence, self-motivation and self-dependence and assist them to become capable of showing engagement in different activities within the school.

Here at Best Boarding School, one can find various boarding school option for autistic child, specialist dyspraxia schools in UK and ADHD boarding schools in UK. One can also look for information about autism summer camps in UK run especially for the kids with special needs. Please contact us to help you find a school that offers Special Education Needs (SEN) support to your child in the UK and USA! Contact at for FREE advice.