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Uppingham School in Uppingham, Rutland, United Kingdom, founded in 1584, is one of the leading British boarding schools for boys and girls aged 13 to 18. Uppingham has a tradition of high musical standards, based on the work of Paul David and Robert Sterndale Bennett and has opened a new music school, a fusion of new and old buildings named after the first Director of Music, Paul David. Uppingham has the greatest area of playing fields of any school in England, in three separate areas on different sides of the town: the Leicester to the West, the Middle to the South, and the Upper to the East. There are immense rewards in terms of academic and social development to be gained from the Uppingham experience. Whilst the pupils academic studies are our priority, Uppingham is noted for its strong commitment to all round education, its superb pastoral care and magnificent facilities. In 2016 44.9% of all A-Levels were graded A* or A; 76.2% A*,A or B. At GCSE the A* to C pass rate was 97%.



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12,050 per term

About the school

In March 2011, twice Olympic gold medalist Lord Coe officially opened the School's new sports centre. The building includes a large sports hall, 25m swimming pool, a 50-station fitness studio, squash courts, gymnasium and two dance studios. It was designed by ORMS Architecture Design and is part of the School's plans to develop the western campus buildings. The School also now has, in a converted squash court behind the Theatre, a climbing wall facility, installed in 2010.

There are nine boys' boarding houses at Uppingham, informally split into three groups:

The 'Hill Houses' are Brooklands, Fircroft, and Highfield (1863);

The 'Town Houses' are School House, Lorne House, West Deyne (1859) and West Bank;

The 'Country Houses' are Meadhurst and Farleigh.

There are six girls' boarding houses: Johnson's, The Lodge (sixth form only), Fairfield, New House, Constables and Samworths'. Samworths' was built in 2001 as the first house for girls aged 13 to 18.

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Academic life

Sport and culture

The School has an enviable number of playing fields, covering some 65 acres, and a superb new Sports Centre.  Dependent on the season these grounds can accommodate many different sports.  In the autumn term, for example, you would see nine rugby, five hockey and two lacrosse pitches in use.  There are also three Astroturf hockey/tennis surfaces, plus Savannah and hard court tennis courts, netball courts, fives courts, a shooting range, climbing wall and an historic 1st XI cricket pitch.

The Uppingham School Sports Centre (USSC) opened in September 2010. This fantastic facility houses a large six-court sports hall, six-lane 25m swimming pool, gymnasium, glass-backed squash courts, two dance studios, 53-station fitness studio and a hospitality suite.


Theatre and Drama flourish at Uppingham and there are many opportunities for pupils to become involved in this vibrant area of school life. In addition to offering the subject at GCSE and A level the department provides the facilities and framework for interested pupils to become fully involved in a variety of activities both onstage and behind the scenes.

Uppingham Theatre is a well established, fully equipped, 300-seat theatre which regularly stages School productions ranging from big musicals such as Calamity Jane, Miss Saigon and Into the Woods, to classic productions such as Pygmalion.

Involvement in the Theatre is truly open to any pupil who wishes to get involved.  Large numbers audition and take part in the main School productions or put themselves forward for the Lower School Play and the Sixth Form production(s). 

 The award-winning art, design and technology centre, known as the Leonardo Centre, was designed by Old Uppinghamian Piers Gough CBE and is an inspiring glass-fronted structure which allows a broad range of creative activities to take place in a single open-plan space and thereby stimulate each other.

The School has been closely involved with the development of design and technology education for more than 35 years. The pioneering development of the Thring Centre (now the Sixth Form centre) provided the workplace for the first A level Design pupils in the country.

All pupils are encouraged to explore their creativity. The Leonardo Centre is manned and open seven days a week, and is open to all pupils, whatever their public examination options. The Centre houses a fine art and printing space (which has the facility for 3D printing), studios for design (including CAD design and laser cutting), ceramics, sculpture studio, sound and video engineering and workshops primarily for wood, metal and plastic. A major refit in 2014 has seen a new designated Sixth Form studio, as well as a bespoke photography studio and a new fashion and textiles studio.


Young Musicians' Week

Ages 8 to 18, Dates 23-27.07.2018, Fess £370 Non residential, £590 Residental
Jazz Week

Ages 13 to 18, Dates 23-27.07.2018, Fess £370 Non residential, £590 Residental

Musical Theatre Week

Ages 8 to 16, Dates 30.07 – 3.08, Fess £370 Non residential, £590 Residental

Rock Upp

Ages 11 to 18, Dates 30.07 – 3.08, Fess £395 Non residential, £615 Residental


Cerative Arts

Write Away: Writing and Exploring Stories

Ages 9-12, Dates 23.-27.07, Fess £245 Non residential, £465 Residental

Get Write In – Becoming a Writer

Ages 13-18, Dates 30.07 – 3.08, Fess £280 Non residential, £500 Residental

Art Week

Ages 10-15, Dates 06.-10.08, Fess £280 Non residential, £500 Residental


Performing Arts

Adventure Circus Week

Ages 8-16, Dates 23.– 27.07, Fess £370 Non residential, £590 Residental

From Page to Stage

Ages 8-16, Dates 06.– 10.08, Fess £370 Non residential, £590 Residental


Technology and Science

Sensational Science Week

Ages 8-12, Dates 23-27.07, Fess £360 Non residential, £580 Residental

Brilliant Broadcasting

Ages 11-18, Dates 30.07 – 03.08, Fess £430 Non residential, £650 Residental

Technowiz Week – Junior Code Academy

Ages 8-14, Dates 30.07 – 03.08, Fess £400 Non residential, £620 Residental

Technowiz Week – Raspberry Pi-oneers

Ages 13-18, Dates 30.07 – 03.08, Fess £430 Non residential, £650 Residental




Ages 8-14, Dates 23. – 27.07, 06-10.08,  Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental


Ages 8-14, Dates 06. – 10.08, Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental


Ages 8-14, Dates 06. – 10.08, Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental

Rugby Sevens

Ages 11-14, Dates 06. – 10.08, Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental

Festival of Sport

Ages 8-14, Dates 06. – 10.08, Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental


Ages 8-14, Dates 06. – 10.08, Fess £240 Non residential, £460 Residental


Location Description

High St W, Uppingham, Rutland LE15 9QE

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