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Toronto International College (TIC) is an inspected private school duly registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education under the BSID Number: 665800. Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and the provincial capital of Ontario, TIC is committed to offering quality ESL (English as a Second Language), UP (University Preparation) and GP (Graduate Preparation) courses to students from around the world.

Studying at TIC provides you with a pathway to a university degree in Canada that will open doors to many new opportunities and prepare you for future challenges. TIC provides a solid foundation for your advanced studies by offering government-accredited UP courses and rigorous ESL training while maintaining high academic standards and giving careful attention to the individual needs of each student.

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About the school

The facilities and resources available at Toronto International College include everything needed to undertake and complete the study program successfully. Light and spacious classrooms with individual desks, computer labs with free Internet access, refreshment rooms are available to every student to maintain comfortable learning environment.

TIC is a member of Languages Canada, the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools and recently the College Board to offer (IELTS) testing and Advanced Placement (AP) testing and credits. 

Finding somewhere to live is always a top priority for new students. TIC Student Service Coordinators will help you arrange accommodation/housing before or after your arrival in Toronto. They can help arrange home-stay arrangements, private accommodation and temporary living arrangements.

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Academic life

 Programs offered at Toronto International College (TIC)

ESL (English as Second Language) it consists of 5 levels:  Basic, Low intermediate,  Intermediate,  High Intermediate,  Advanced

The length of each level is 7 weeks long and operates Mon – Fri from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm.

30 hours a week/ 210 hours for 7 weeks. Per level $ 2,580.

EAP (English for Academic Purposes) – it consists of 3 levels, each one is 5 weeks long.

Mon – Sat from 9.00 am – 5.30 pm. 48 hours a week/ 240 hours – 5 weeks. Per level 2,680

Both UT and PU preparation programs are similar to each other. The difference is that UT is focusing only on University of Toronto and PU is focusing on 10 Prestigious Universities which are : University of Toronto, McMaster University,  University of Western Ontario,  McGill University, University of British Columbia,  University of Alberta,  Queen’s University, University of Ottawa, University of Manitoba,  University of Waterloo

One year tuition fee for each program is 25,980 $/ academic year, including 3 levels EAP courses.

Up Courses (University Preparation) – No average grades are required, no admission pre test required. Open to grade 9 to 12 students. It consists of two semesters including 6 credit courses which is 13,680$ per year or 2,280$ per credit. The advantages of this program is that TIC students with average grades above 75% and OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) will be admitted to university of Manitoba without any IELTS or TOEFL requirements. 4 Starting Dates each year:  January, April, June, September

There is another great opportunity for international students. Dual Offer Partnership, it is ESL pathway which gives a great opportunity for international students to get admitted into two public colleges Centennial and Conestoga Colleges. For Centennial college student has to have as a minimum 70% Average of GPA without writing any IELTS or Entrance Test or for Conestoga college with a minimum 75% Average of GPA  no IELTS or Entrance Test requirements. A great advantages of this Dual Partnership Program are that student can transfer himself/herself into Prestigious Universities in Canada. In addition, about 90 % of students of these colleges find an employment which is  a great opportunity for international students to immigrate to Canada.

TIC also offers IELTS preparation courses ( International English Language Testing System ) it consists of 6 levels. The length of each level is 7 weeks long.              

 Level 1-2-3 operates Mon- Fri 2 hours a day, 70 hours for 7 weeks. Cost per level $800  

 Level 4-5-6 operates Mon – Fri 2 hours a day + Sat 6 hours, 112 hours for 7 weeks.  Cost per level $900

 Furthermore, 100% of students from TIC receive offers from Prestigious Universities and Colleges, including but not limited to, University of Toronto, McGill University, UBC, SFU, University of Waterloo, and many more.


TIC also provides Summer/Winter activities in Canada for International Students. ESL ( English as Second Language) + activities.

Sport and culture

Summer ESL Camp

TIC offers a customized two-week ESL Camp to individual groups of international students in the Summer of each year with an objective to further cultural exchange and to provide the international youth an opportunity to learn and understand the society of the Canadian people. This camp will enable them to improve their English Language Proficiency while experiencing the North American Culture and enjoying the beautiful scenery, the cities and cultural diversity of Canada.

Itinerary and Activities of the Summer ESL Camp

Monday to Friday: ESL courses and cultural activities in the morning and tours in the afternoon;

Weekend: cultural tours throughout both days.

Winter ESL Camp

TIC offers a customized four-week ESL Camp to individual groups of international students in the Winter of each year with an objective to further cultural exchange, and to provide the international youth an opportunity to learn and understand the society of the Canadian people and to enable them to improve their English Language Proficiency while experiencing the North American Culture and visiting and enjoying the beautiful scenery, the cities and cultural diversity of Canada.

TIC Winter Camps strive to offer young international students exciting learning opportunities through a combination of ESL instruction, Activities and Accommodation.

TIC Winter Camp has bright classrooms, and comfortable facilities. Toronto has many beautiful and exciting options during the winter months.

Advantages and Characteristics of the Summer and winter  ESL Camps

•             ESL courses taught by licensed professional and experienced teachers with native proficiency;

•             Hosted by some of the most caring and responsible faculty and staff;

•             Relaxing and pleasant but rigorous situational ESL learning environment;

•             Exciting multicultural learning environment;

•             Varied and interesting extra-curricular activities and cultural tours;

•             Experience of warm and pleasant Canadian family life;

•             Safe and well-organized living and study support system and services.

•             Destinations of Summer ESL Camp Activities

•             Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and the City of Quebec

Location Description

3550 Victoria Park Avenue, 5th Floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 2N5

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