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Bement is an oasis—a small, kindergarten through grade 9 school nestled below the Pocumtuck Range and flanked by the sparkling Deerfield River. School’s values happiness and hard work, and teaches their students to embrace challenges. They are a global,  multicultural, buzzing, and innovative campus, with students from sixteen different countries. The team of educators is among the best, and the curriculum helps students flourish—from dedicated play to experiential academics. Every day, students create art and music, frolic outside, study fascinating topics, and compete in a wide range of sports.

The academic and boarding programs are specifically designed to give international students the skills and knowledge to succeed in fast-paced American classrooms. Through creative, interdisciplinary lessons, we develop students who are critical thinkers ready to engage with challenging curriculum—from interpreting Shakespeare to using engineering and math skills to build a solar car. English Language Learning (ELL) classes are available for students who need to improve their English proficiency.

Guided by The Bement School mission, the school is committed to creating a diverse coeducational community of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees representing a breadth of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, family structure, socioeconomic status, and religious affiliation. The school seeks to provide an inclusive environment in which to foster mutual respect and understanding within our school and the world around us. 

Number of students

Boarding School:







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About the school

The Bement School was founded in 1925 by Grace “Menty” Allan Power Bement, a tutor and drama coach deeply interested in education and women’s suffrage. The school grew quickly as word spread about Mrs. Bement’s revolutionary education philosophy. She believed that education should be tailored to the needs of the individual child, while also emphasizing responsibility for the rights of others. The Bement School curriculum has remained responsive and fluid, and faculty continue to demonstrate unflagging devotion to their students. Bement currently maintains an enrollment of approximately 220 students, including 44 boarders, who come from many different states and countries.

Performing Arts Center, Fine Arts Center, Assembly Hall, Clagett McLennan Library, Dance Studio, Mac Lab, Maker Space Lab, Playing Fields, Girls Dormitory, Boys Dormitory, Dining Room


The Bement wants their  students to feel ownership over their living space, where they’re free to make cakes from scratch in the full kitchens, study on the couches, and play with dorm parents’ children and pets. Just as they would at home, students help care for their dorms with daily and weekly chores. 

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Academic life

Academic year is organized in trimesters, including a three-week mini-term. Coursework is stimulating and challenging, inviting students to dig deep and speak up. Students are exhilarated by a range of experiential learning that brings lessons to life.

Upper school program is special—it’s a cultivation period when our students are comfortable being themselves at a pivotal age. Small classes and close-knit, global community allow every student to feel present and respected, and teachers and students develop strong, lifelong bonds.

The ninth grade curriculum is rigorous and lively, putting  students in stride with their secondary school peers. By design, the student-teacher ratio in ninth grade is among the lowest in upper school, allowing students to receive personalized attention and lead and participate in small group discussions. The visual arts and drama programs, as well as English classes, build public speaking skills, culminating with monologue writing and performances, the creation and presentation of a symbolic self-portrait, as well as the development and rehearsal of reflective speeches that students deliver during baccalaureate and commencement services. Every ninth grade student also performs in the spring ninth grade musical, with performances for the entire school community, as well as parents, friends, and family.

Outside of class,  ninth graders have many chances to learn the importance of good citizenship and social responsibility. Ninth graders mentor younger students, plan and lead service projects, and captain  athletic teams. To deepen their volunteer experience, ninth graders embark on a pivotal service learning trip, spending a week living and working in an underserved community. When students emerge from ninth grade, they’re ready to take on the world and be successful in fast-paced secondary schools.

Attending Bement is an opportunity for international students to improve their English skills and prepare for secondary school. All international students take mainstream classes with their American peers, which naturally raises their speaking and listening skills and helps them quickly assimilate to life abroad. 

Sport and culture

cross country, field hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball, dance, squash, swomming, diving, Alpine Ski Racing, golf, lacrosse, 

Through a unique partnership with Deerfield Academy, Bement students use Deerfield Academy’s athletic facilities on a daily basis : Squash Center, Gymnasium, Hockey Rink, Hunt Truck, Pool

Studio Art

Each year at Bement, every student studies master artists, works with the elements of art, and completes a self-portrait in a different style. Each session consists of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.


Music program includes band, string orchestra, and chorus. The Bement band program consists of four different groups: fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and a combined seventh-eighth-ninth grade band. Students receive group instruction on their chosen instrument for the full year and give several all-school performances. Students in the upper school have the opportunity to join the string orchestra on violin, viola, cello, or upright bass, and the repertoire ranges from Baroque and Classical chamber works to modern compositions. In the lower school, students begin to build their singing skills with games that teach them to learn to listen, count rhythm, and control their breathing.


From kindergarten through ninth grade, students participate in a number of performance opportunities to build confidence and poise in public settings and practice creative collaboration. Lower school students enjoy a series of theatre games and movement and vocal exercises that improve their comfort level and performance skills. Upper school students embark on improvisation games, physical and vocal expansion, drama history, scenic action, and ensemble performances. In upper school, the year culminates in a seminal work for each grade, including a student-created adaptation of a fairy tale, scenes from a Shakespearean play, classic and contemporary plays, and the ninth grade spring musical.


Summer Programs

In 2018, Bement will be offering summer programming in Deerfield and in China. Come July, campus takes on a new role: summer camp. Every year, students ranging in ages (4 to 15 years) flock to Bement for several camp offerings, which include Junior Camp, Adventure Camp, Digging Into Nature at Pine Hill, a Counselor in Training Program, and the English Language and American Culture summer program. Bement is the perfect place for campers to have a summer adventure as they explore 30 acres, and for international students to get a jump start on their language skills. Bement Camp complies with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the local Board of Health.

Adventure Camp

Wonderfully diverse summer camp experience in picturesque Historic Deerfield, at The Bement School and Pine Hill, 12-acre outdoor education center,  where campers ages 4 to 15 will enjoy a balance of planned curriculum and a wide range of unique activities. The camp day runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with optional lunch and extended hours available from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Children ages 7 to 12 live fun-filled days of group games, crafts, swimming, and field trips. Campers enjoy Bement’s beautiful campus, which includes a swimming pool, spacious classrooms, beautiful fields, and a fun playground.

Junior Camp

Provides a safe, nurturing camp experience for youngest campers (children ages 4, 5, and 6 years old, or children entering preschool, kindergarten, and first grade). Campers will enjoy thematic activities, including games, arts and crafts, and outdoor play, as well as daily swim lessons and even special field trips each session.

Week 1 (July 9-July20): $450  ($300 for CITs)

Week 2 (July 23 –August 3 ): $450 ($300 for CITs)


Digging Into Nature at Pine Hill

Students between the ages of 7 and 10 discover the wonders of nature at Bement’s 12-acre outdoor education classroom, Pine Hill. Campers will explore our pond, campground, trails, and surrounding woodland. Participants learn how to build fires, identify trees, leaves and insects, and gain an appreciation of life in the great outdoors. On rainy days, students have access to Pine Hill’s classroom space on site.

The camp day runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

Week 1 (June 25-29): $375

Week 2 (August 6-10): $375


English Language and American Culture Summer Program

Students ages 8 to 12 from all over the world are invited to apply to The Bement School English Language and American Culture (ELAC) summer program. The program is a blend of academics, cultural interaction, language projects, travel experiences, summer camp activities with our domestic day campers, and total language immersion. Additionally, students will engage in daily seminars in boarding readiness, which will help them become accustomed to life in an American boarding school.

A unique element of Bement’s program is partnership with the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, a cultural and historical organization also located in Historic Deerfield. Students participate in hands-on history workshops and activities that provide a remarkable grounding in American history. The workshops culminate in an overnight in a colonial farmhouse, complete with a meal cooked over an open hearth.


Sunday, July 8 to Saturday, August 4

USD $9,200 for tuition and expenses

USD $200 for health insurance (unless applicant has U.S. based insurance)


Bement in Shanghai

The Bement School brings its classroom to the heart of Shanghai, China. Bement in Shanghai will offer two levels of intensive English language instruction: Intermediate-Advanced and Advanced, in daily, immersive courses, in which students will gain fluency in speaking, reading, and writing English, with an emphasis on preparing them for English in an academic setting. Students will practice rigorous writing and editing, read American texts, and practice public speaking each day. Writing activities are directed toward developing strong and accurate sentence structure and well-supported paragraphs. Students will develop English vocabulary, reading comprehension, and strong critical thinking skills.

Bement in Shanghai welcomes students ages 7 through 12. Enrollment is limited. Tuition is $4000 USD per term, payable with signed enrollment agreement by April 1, 2018.

Term 1:

July 9 – July 20, 2018

Term 2:

July 23 – Aug. 3, 2018

Location Description

Approximate driving times

Bradley International Airport: 1 hour

Amherst: 25 minutes

Boston: 2 hours

Brattleboro: 30 minutes

New York City: 3 hours, 15 minutes

Northampton: 20 minutes

Springfield: 35 minutes

94 Old Main Street P.O. Box 8 Deerfield MA 01342

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