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St Giles International is an English Language school group that was founded in 1955 in London, England which has since developed into one of the largest private international English language training organisations in the UK. Today, St Giles teaches over 14,000 students from over 100 different countries in 7 year-round schools, as well as many Junior Summer Centres in the UK, USA and Canada. St Giles International has 7 year-round English language schools in 3 countries. They are located in the following destinations:

Canada – Vancouver

UK – Brighton, Eastbourne, London Central, London Highgate

USA – New York City, San Francisco

St Giles International also operates Junior Summer Courses in many destinations throughout North America and England, and has year-round schools in Brazil.

St Giles International offers its students a choice of accommodation options including homestay, residences, guesthouses and hotels.

Number of students

Boarding School:







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7 days boarding: 

About the school

St Giles International was founded in 1955 by Paul Lindsay and his wife Diana. Paul trained to be a teacher and started his career teaching English and French to native English speakers at a north London polytechnic. Since then, St Giles has grown into an international organisation with 8 year-round centres in the UK, USA and Canada, as well as Junior Summer Courses in the UK, USA and Canada.

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Academic life

The following English courses are available :

General English Group

Beginners English

International Semester Courses

IELTS Preparation

Cambridge English Preparation

Platinum English Courses

General English plus English for Business

English for University Studies

English Plus Internship Programme

INTO University Pathway Programme

General English plus Tourism

General English Juniors (Under-16s) Group

International Semester Juniors (Under-16s)

TOEFL Preparation

English for Academic Purposes

Platinum English Courses

TOEIC Preparation

Fast-Track University Pathway Programme

General English plus Art & Design

Silicon Valley Experience

Sport and culture

Junior English Summer School for students aged 7-19, dates and prices 2018

St. Giles offers a package programme at junior centres, providing quality teaching, accommodation, meals, supervision and an exciting social programme!

United Kingdom

Bournemouth, dates 8 Jul-5th Aug, Age  group 10-13, 14-17,  Single en suite, price per week £870

Cambridge , dates 1 Jul-12 Aug, Age group  14-17, Single, price per week £1385

Cambridge provides an intensive programme of 25 lessons (20.83 hours) per week.

Canterbury , dates 8 Jul-12 Aug, Age group 8-12, 13-17, Single, twin, shared, price per week £1035

Optional extras Fencing 5 hours coaching per week +£155 per week

 Tennis 5 hours coaching per week +£120 per week

London , dates 24 Jun-5 Aug , Age group 12-15, 16-19,  Single, price per week  £985

Nottingham, dates 24 Jun-29 Jul , Age group 10-13, 14-17, Single, price per week £855

Optional extras Football 5 hours coaching per week +£85 per week

Oxford, dates 1 Jul-5 Aug, Age group 12-17 15,  Single, price per week £915

United States of America

Los Angeles , dates 24 Jun-5 Aug, Age group 12-17, Twin, price per week  $1465

New York, dates 24 Jun-12 Aug, Age group 12-19, Single and twin, price per week $1995

Orlando, dates 24 Jun-22 Jul,  Age group 8-12, 13-17, Single, price per week $1685

Optional extra Surfing 5 hours coaching per week +$300 per week

San Francisco Bay, dates 1 Jul-29 Jul, Age group,  10-13, 14-17, Twin and triple, price per week $1735

Optional extra Tennis 5 hours coaching per week +$130 per week

Canada Prices are in CAD$ dollars

Toronto , dates 1 Jul-29 Jul, Ages group 9-13, 14-17, Twin and shared, price per week $1800

Vancouver, dates 1 Jul-22 Jul, Ages group 10-13, 14-18, Single and twin, price per week $1850

Specialised Courses Course duration: 3 weeks

English for Future Leaders

Cambridge, Dates  8 Jul – 29 Jul, Age group 14-17, Single,  £5130

New York, Dates  1 Jul –22 Jul, Age group, 12-19,  Single and twin,  $7280

English for Future Coders

London, Dates 1 Jul – 22 Jul, Age group,  12-19, Single £4250

San Francisco Bay, Dates  8 Jul – 29 Jul, Age group, 10-17, Twin $6700

Location Description

154 Southampton Row London WC1B 5JX WC1B 5JX

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