St. Bernard Preparatory School: Cullman, Alabama, USA

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St. Bernard Prep is a co-ed Catholic boarding and day school for boys and grils in USA for grades 7-12. For over a century St. Bernard in Culman, Alabama, USA has provided a quality education to generations of students. The success of the school operated by the Benedictine monks of St. Bernard Abbey is much more than the fine quality of classroom instruction. This is a small boarding school for only over 160 students!
The bonding between students and faculty, lasting friendships between classmates, extracurricular activities, and the lessons of life learned in a Christian setting, are an important part of the St. Bernard heritage.
St. Bernard Prep boasts:
A Catholic Christian education
College preparatory curriculum, grades 7-12
5 or 7-day boarding supervised study hall
Both boarding and commuting available on our safe, secure 800 acres of St. Bernard Abbey and Ave Maria Grotto
An education accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. St. Bernard Preparatory School believes a good education requires discipline of the body as well as the mind, and provides a program of interscholastic athletic activities for boys and girls. As a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Association, St. Bernard Prep competes with public and private schools in cross country, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, and other sports as students’ interest and abilities allow. Saint Bernard Abbey is a monastery of Catholic Benedictine monks who, through prayer and work, strive to seek the love of God and neighbor.
In the 1840’s monks from Metten Abbey in Germany, a monastery founded c. 700 A.D., came to America to plant the Benedictine monastic life in the United States and to minister to the growing German-speaking immigrant population. St. Vincent’s Abbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania became the first foundation, and in the 1870’s monks from St. Vincent’s were sent to Alabama to serve the needs of German Catholics here. In 1891 those monks gathered to establish St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama.* One year later, 1892, a school was opened at the new Abbey. University Acceptances: University of the South, Loyola University Chicago, Boston College, Samford University, Florida State University, Berea
University, University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, University of Georgia, University of South Alabama, University of North Alabama,
Auburn University, Centre College, West Point Military Academy, Tusculum University, Brigham Young University, University of Alabama at
Birmingham, King College, Belmont Abbey College, Bard College, University of Kentucky, Air Force Academy, Maryville University, Vanderbilt
University, St. Louis University.

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1600 St. Bernard Drive, SE Cullman, AL 35055

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