Ribét Academy, Los Angeles, California, USA

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A co-ed secular private College Preparatory from Pre-School to 12th Grade school with optional dormitories for international high school students.

Ribét Academy is very proud to be the recipient of a long list of accolades throughout school’s history such as: Los Angeles County Science Fair Champions, perfect SAT and AP test scores, National Champions in Middle School Speech and Debate, National Champions in Hip Hop Dance Competitions, CIF Champions and competitors in all sports, just to name few.

Ribet Academy is National Champions in Cheer, Hip Hop and California State & LA County Science Fair. The Debate Program is ranked in the Top 10 in the USA.

Ribét has a uniform policy from 1st grade through high school. Serving the surrounding community of Eagle Rock, Glendale, Silver Lake, Pasadena, La Canada, Los Angeles, Ribét is home to many international students from around the world.

Number of students

Boarding School:







Day School:








7 days boarding: 

About the school

Ribét Academy was founded by French-born Jacques Ribét in 1982 with the goal of creating a diverse and challenging atmosphere that would support both academic achievement and personal growth.

The intent was to create a learning environment that utilized the best practices of the past while drawing on new and innovative educational approaches.

Another founding belief is that student success requires the involvement of parents, teachers and students. Therefore, the school is structured to maximize opportunities for parental involvement.

Ribét Academy moved to this existing site in 1992, having outgrown three previous locations around Los Angeles. Built in 1923, this site was originally the Theme Hosiery factory and was converted into an all boys High School, Pater Noster, by the Los Angeles Archdiocese who ran their school here from 1960 for over 30 years.

Located in Los Angeles, beautiful nine acre campus features a landmark six story main building that houses  elementary, middle and high schools.

Labs include electrical, chemical, physics, computer, biology, and Southern California’s largest marine biology lab.  Other specialized learning environments include orchestra and dance studios, a library with computers, a courtroom, a 99 seat theater, 2 art studios, a computer lab, and a photography studio.

Exterior areas include:


Pre-school/Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten individual play areas

Football Field

Weight Room

Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Courts


Organic Garden

International Student Dormitory

“Big Red Barn” which houses  pre-elementary school.

Ribét is fully accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accrediting Commission of Schools since 1988.

Ribét Academy’s Dormitory is a co-ed living environment that is within 2 minutes walking distance from the academic facility.

Ribét Academy’s Dormitory includes:

16 spacious double occupancy rooms with twin beds

Bathroom/Shower in Rooms

Communal Showers/Bathroom in addition

Large television/game room

Dining Hall

Full Kitchen

Patio with sitting area

Wi-Fi access (in both the common rooms and dorm rooms)

Laundry Room

Computer Room

Refrigerator Space

Breakfast and Dinner provided (lunch not included)

Option for cleaning the rooms monthly/weekly (for an additional charge)

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Academic life

Pre-Elementary Curriculum

As many studies demonstrate, early education truly sets the tone for future success in school. With this understanding in mind, the goal of Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten at Ribét Preparatory School is to prepare each child for entering formal schooling and support them in acquiring the essential skills necessary to navigate this new environment. 

Elementary School Curriculum ( First to Fifth Grade )

While Ribét meets and exceeds the California State standards, the teaching staff also place particular emphasis on writing and critical thinking. Ribét has implemented numerous programs to ensure its students become effective writers. We use Bloom’s Taxonomy as our guide towards a focus on critical thinking rather than the simple memorization and regurgitation of facts. We want Ribét students to think and reason clearly.

 Ribét seeks to cultivate students who are confident with public speaking. Not only do the students make oral presentations in class, they also participate in musical and theatrical performances in front of parents and other students. This is a quality which will help them throughout life. In addition to the traditional academic subjects, Ribét students also take classes in music, singing, theater, physical education, technology, and art. This contributes to a well-rounded education.

 Middle School Curriculum

Ribét Academy’s Middle School encompasses grades six, seven, and eight and builds on the foundation of academic learning begun in Elementary School. The program is committed to teaching responsibility, good study habits, and organizational skills; all leading to a successful future in High School. High achieving students have acceleration options that will allow them to take full advantage of the High School’s Advanced Placement (college credit bearing) classes.

Qualified students can take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade and Algebra 1 in 8th grade allowing them to reach the AP Calculus level in High School. Eighth graders also have the option of taking Spanish 1, a High School course, allowing them to conclude their foreign language with AP Spanish in High School. Annual Stanford 9 testing results, with each class averaging two grade levels above current, gives parents tangible proof of the academic success their children achieve through demanding yet supportive program.

Academics are just part of the Middle School journey at Ribét. Students can choose from a wide variety of elective courses that allow them to explore different academic options before entering High School. Courses include Spanish, Computers, Creative Writing, Mock Trial, Debate, Journalism, Black History, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Theatre Arts, Dance, Visual Art, and Leadership.

High School

Ribét Academy encourages students to challenge themselves. One of the many ways Ribét students do this is by taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses are rigorous and demanding, as they require students to work at a college level. Students who successfully complete Advanced Placement courses are more competitive candidate for university admission. Students mastering AP courses and “passing” the National AP exams given each May can be awarded college credit for their efforts. Most private schools offer 7-10 AP courses, Ribét has 20! While course offerings vary by year, Ribét offers its students a wide array of AP courses as follows: AP English Language,  AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP European History, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP French Language, AP French Literature, AP Music Theory, AP Art History,  AP Studio Art,  AP Computer Science, AP Psychology

Sport and culture

Teams for boys are Basketball, Baseball, and Flag Football. Teams for girls are Basketball, Volleyball, and Softbal. 

The Ribét Academy Football

It is a pleasure to have your children participate in a sport that develops a champion’s mentality in student-athletes developing outstanding character on and off the field. Football provides a vehicle that educates student-athletes in valuable life lessons. Football develops character, responsibility, teamwork, and mental/emotional endurance

Ribét Academy offers a comprehensive and rigorous Visual Art curriculum. Our Art faculty members are all professional artists as well as teachers and as such recognize the importance of critical thinking and analysis within the study of art. An inter-disciplinary approach is presented by integrating basic critical thinking with studio art and art history. This helps students learn how art is defined culturally, historically, socially, politically and aesthetically. Mrs. Weiner’s goal is teaching students to “not just make pretty pictures but realize that they can say something with their art.”

Unique to Ribét is the art department’s collaboration with area museums. Working with the museum’s staff, our faculty guides the students in developing works for a cohesive exhibit examining a specific theme. The department has worked with: The Museum of Tolerance, The Californian African American Museum, The Chinese American Museum and the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy – Japanese American Museum. The students also have an end of year show. Here they get to see their work professionally mounted and displayed and invite family and friends to view their accomplishments.

Location Description

2911 San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, 90065 90065

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