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Orme School in Mayer, Arizona is one of great mixed boarding schools in USA! The peaceful natural beauty of Orme’s environment is an important asset of our educational programs. The open country around the School offers great physical freedom and is an ideal outdoor laboratory for geology, biology, ecology, archeology, and outdoor pursuits, while the dark night sky makes astronomy come alive.
The campus itself occupies half a square mile (125 hectares) near the geographic center of Arizona. It has tall trees, green lawns, flowery gardens, and historic nineteenth-century ranch buildings. The School is surrounded by hundreds of square miles of public land (Prescott National Forest), with broad, uncluttered vistas of distant mesas and mountains. Students may walk, mountain bike, or horseback ride for hours in any direction. An elevation of 4000 feet (1200 meters) makes the climate ideal, with just a bit of snow in the winter and without the intense heat of the lowland deserts of southern Arizona.
And yet, Orme is not isolated. The bustling metropolis of Phoenix, and the charming towns of Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff are close enough that some students commute to school daily. They provide regular cultural and recreational opportunities. At The Orme School we understand that the learning experience doesn’t stop at 3:30 when classes are let out. Instead, we realize that after school activities such as sports offer different types of learning experiences for our student body. With this in mind, we encourage all students to participate in our many activities offered after the academic day is over.
We strive to create, and mold well rounded students and we believe that health and wellness plays a large role in this. We do not have cuts on our sports teams so everyone is welcome to play. At the same time, our teams stay very competitive in the state. We are members of the AZCAA conference and we compete in cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, track and field, soccer, and softball. If team sports are not your thing, we also offer weight lifting classes, tennis, horseback riding, and outdoor adventuring.
Our athletic facilities include a cardio center, weight room, full court gym, full size football/soccer field, baseball field, and softball field. We also have miles of cross country trails that will take you through our very scenic 27,000 acre ranch. On top of all of this we also have an outdoor pool and five tennis courts. University Acceptances University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, University of Colorado, University of
California, UCLA, Dartmouth College, Colorado State University, University of Washington, University of Oregon, Binghamton University, Depaul
University, Drexel University, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, Oregon State University, Syracuse.

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HC 63 Box 3040, Mayer, Arizona 86333

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