Missouri Military Academy: Mexico, Missouri, USA

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Looking for military American boarding schools? This is boys only boarding school in USA. Since 1889, Missouri Military Academy in Mexico has provided a structured college preparatory boarding school environment that allows young men in grades 6-12 to fulfill their potential. Missouri Military Academy offers two distinct levels for international students who require ESL. Our comprehensive program manages all student ability levels from beginner through intermediate. Small classes provide individualized instruction, expression of ideas and opinions, and teach the skills required for non-ESL classes in science, mathematics, social studies and fine arts. The total international student experience at Missouri Military Academy includes both ESL and mainstream courses, participation in sports, activities, fine arts and social and cultural events. International cadets are fully integrated into the Corps of Cadets. Missouri Military Academy’s teachers are experienced in teaching international students and the faculty is sensitive to the students’ need to adapt to living away from family and studying abroad. The curriculum for Missouri Military Academy’s high school is challenging and enriching. Cadets are exposed to a wide range of course opportunities and receive in each a world class level of instruction led by qualified, caring instructors. Missouri Military Academy offers a diverse selection of elective courses that facilitate artistic expression among the cadets. The MMA Fighting Colonels Marching Band is an integral part of the military mission, performing for reviews, parades and special concerts both on and off campus. Conflicts between sports and extracurricular activities are minimized to make it possible for cadets to be a member of a varsity team and play in the band simultaneously. Whether a cadet is interested in learning to play a new instrument or develop current instrumental skills, Missouri Military Academy’s music program offers band classes and private music lessons for all levels. Cadets can develop their skills in the Academy Art Studio under the supervision of our resident instructor. A wide array of media is offered in classes for both beginners and masters. University Acceptances: University of Texas, Norwich University, University of Memphis, Virginia Military Institute, The Citadel, University of Southern California, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Pennsylvania State University, University of California, William Penn University, US Military Academy at West Point, US Naval Academy at Annapolis, US Air Force Academy and US Coast Guard Academy.

Number of students

Boarding School:







Day School:








7 days boarding: 

38 000 USD

About the school

288 acre campus

Missouri Military Academy’s immaculate campus includes four residence halls, an academic complex, a gymnasium, Olympicsized swimming pool, field house with indoor track, a marksmanship range, tennis courts, four athletic fields, stables and 100+ acres of outdoor facilities, such as a rappelling tower, rock climbing wall, obstacle course, trails, a paintball field, and a campground.

Accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)

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Academic life

75+ total course offerings

7 AP course offerings

The curriculum of this military boarding school is designed to support 360° Education and take advantage of the student demographics. The presence of international student population provides a wonderful educational experience for every cadet.  The Fine arts program (art, band, chorus, music appreciation, private music lessons) is one of our most popular and effective learning experiences. The curriculum of this military boarding school is designed to provide a well-rounded Liberal Arts education and meet Missouri State graduation requirements. Particular emphasis is placed on math, science, business, language arts and writing across the curriculum. Advanced Placement and dual credit courses are available. MMA is proud to partner with William Woods University to provide access to college courses to cadets of this military boarding school.

Generally, all core courses are year-long. Semester courses include such study as Academic Writing, Business Law, English IV: Drama of War, Economics, Government, Health, Intro to Literature, Intro to Philosophy, Literature of War, Magic in Literature, Painting, Personal Finance, World Conflict in Words, and World Religions, and more. A variety of career and technical programs are available at the Davis H. Hart Career Center.

The Gap Year at MMA offers a post-graduate gap year for recent high school grads who want to obtain more maturity, refine their study skills, and maximize their college acceptance opportunities following graduation. Gap year students are members of the Corps of Cadets who complete new recruit training and fully participate in our programs. Curriculum is tailored to individual needs, whether that is retaking an upper-level high school course, completing required remedial college course credit or earning college credit at Westminster College.

Sport and culture

10+ athletic offerings

While many schools are eliminating art education, MMA continues to invest in creativity. Instrumental and vocal music and visual art are all vital parts of academic and extracurricular program. From the acoustic guitar to the xylophone, young musicians discover hidden talents thanks to  worldclass music staff. In addition to performing in parades, members of the Fighting Colonels Marching Band dabble in genres including classical, bluegrass, rock, jazz and electronic.
MMA musicians experiment with sound and recording their own original music in private, soundproof music rooms. Private music lessons are built into the school day for interested students and all middle school students learn to play the violin. The vocal music program’s showcase is the Cadet Chorus, which performs both classic and modern music on campus and in the community. Amateur artists at MMA dabble in digital art, illustration, painting, pottery, watercolor and sculpting. Cadets study famous painters and cultural art forms while expressing their unique vision in variety of media.


Young men ages 12-17

Two weeks

Campers discover new challenges, engage in team-building, make new friends and develop an understanding of the benefits and responsibilities of leadership.

Schedule Includes: Daily Physical Training, Paintball, Rappelling, Pugil Sticks, Knot Tying, Rifle Marksmanship, Swimming, Climbing Wall, Map Reading, Field Trips, First Aid Training And Award And Leadership Opportunities


Boys Ages 8-11

One and two week sessions available

Helps boys develop a sense of pride in themselves and their accomplishments, teaches teamwork and good decision-making, provides a first taste of leadership., fosters a new sense of self-confidence.

Schedule Includes: Paintball, Rappelling, Rifle Marksmanship, Pugil Sticks, Swimming, Knot Tying, Map Reading, Camping, High Ropes Course And Obstacle Course


Boys Grades 9-12

Four Weeks

Boarding & Day Options

Academic camp in which students earn advanced or remedial high school credit in core classes while enjoying fun outdoor activities and trips.

Schedule Includes: Team-Building Exercises, Fishing, Field Trips, Horseback Riding, Individual Attention, Hands-On Lessons, Small Class Sizes and a Nightly Study Hall


Boys Grades 7-8

Four Weeks

Academic camp focusing on key study skills and knowledge in math, science and reading. Students are engaged in hands-on, interactive projects that challenge their abilities.

Schedule includes: Evening Guided Study Hall, Soccer, Swimming, Field Trips, Paintball, Basketball, Flag Football, Weight Training, Tennis, Horseback Riding And Physical Training


Helps improve toefl scores and English language comprehension and eases transition between home countries and the united states through a structured environment tailored to individual needs.

Schedule Includes: Field Trips & Outings, Orientation to American culture and daily instruction in Reading, Speaking and Writing

Location Description

3 major airports nearby

204 N. Grand Street, Mexico, Missouri 65265

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