King Edward’s Witley, Godalming, Surrey, UK

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King Edward's School, Witley is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 11-18, founded in 1553 by King Edward VI and Nicholas Ridley. The School became fully co-educational in 1952. 

Number of students

Boarding School:







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7 days boarding: 

GBP 12,985 per term

About the school

The vision came from Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, who convinced the boy king Edward VI to grant his palace at Bridewell, on the banks of the Thames, to the Lord Mayor of London, so creating our parent foundation, Bridewell Royal Hospital, as a place for the training and education of poor children in 1553.

Bridewell Palace burnt down during the Great Fire of London in 1666 and was subsequently rebuilt. In 1830 a new House of Occupations was opened in St George’s Fields, Southwark. Here there was more emphasis on education rather than reform of character. Children aged from 8 to 18 were accepted from the City, County of Middlesex and the Borough of Southwark. 1860 saw the setting up of a new charity scheme for Bridewell Royal Hospital and the House of Occupations was renamed King Edward’s School.

Set in 100 acres of beautiful parkland in the heart of the Surrey Hills


Boarding School Accommodation


There are ten functioning houses in total, five male and five female. Houses at this boarding school are paired, and, in the case of the senior pupils, conjoined in the centre of the buildings. This central area (known as the 'Accy Area', from activity area) allows the boys and girls from the paired houses to meet in the evenings and during spare time; to chat, watch television or a DVD, or play pool or table football.


The houses are:


Queen Mary House , King Edward's School, Wakefield, Elizabeth, Edward , Tudor, Grafton , Queens' , Ridley, St. Bridgest’s. Ridley house was unused for a number of years, but re-opened September 2013 having undergone extensive refurbishment. St Bridget’s currently not in use pending renovation or reconstruction.


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Academic life



Boarding School’ s Curriculum 1st  Form- 5th Form


1st Form : English & Drama, French or Spanish,  Latin, History, Geography, RE , Maths, Science, Art Design/Food Tech., ICT, Music, PE, Games, Pursuit of Excellence,


2nd Form: English & Drama, French or Spanish, German, Latin/Classics , History , Geography , RE, Maths, Science


Art, Design/Food Tech, ICT, Music, PE, Games , Pursuit of Excellence


3rd Form: English & Drama,  Music, ICT , History , Geography, RE, Science , Art, Design/Food Tech, Maths, Games, PE , PSHE, French, German, Spanish, Latin or Classics


4th Form:English, Core Language, Maths, Science, Option One, Option Two, Option Three, RE, PE & Games, PSHE,


5th Form: English, Core Language, Maths, Science, Option One, Option Two, Option Three, RE, PE & Games, PSHE/Critical Thinking,


Core languages: one of French, German or Spanish.


* Options include Geography, History, Classical Civilisation, Latin, Spanish/French, Music, Drama, Design Technology- Resistant Materials, Design, Technology – Food, Computing and PE.




One year Pre Sixth Form Boarding School Course


Only for 5th Form pupils Ideal for overseas pupils or those seeking to relocate to the United Kingdom, this one-year programme prepares 15-16 year olds for the Sixth Form in two groups of up to sixteen pupils




IB Boarding School


The IB Diploma is undoubtedly the best preparation for life beyond school available today. The IB requires pupils to combine breadth with depth in their studies, the programme ensuring that they study from a variety of disciplines including maths, their native language, a foreign language, a humanity and a science. There is also scope to study specific areas of individual interest in depth.


In addition to six subjects, pupils are required to write an Extended Essay on a topic of their choice, take a course in Theory of Knowledge and complete a programme of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).


Since its introduction at this boarding school 13 years ago, the IB has provided an exciting and challenging programme for our Sixth Form pupils. Pupils choose one subject from each box, three to study at Higher Level and three at Standard Level. In addition, each pupil will follow a course in Theory of Knowledge, complete CAS, and write an Extended Essay.


NATIVE LANGUAGE: English Literature A, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature A, Native language A




FOREIGN LANGUAGE: English B, English Language and Literature, French B, Italian ab initio, Latin, Spanish ab initio, Spanish B


HUMANITY: Business Management, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy


SCIENCE : Biology, Chemistry, Design, Technology, Physics, Sports, Exercise and Health Science


MATHEMATICS: Maths Higher, Maths Standard, Maths Studies


ELECTIVES: Biology, Business, Management, Computer Science, Economics, French B, Italian ab initio, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Spanish ab initio, Theatre, Visual Arts


This top UK boarding school offers a wide range of A-level subjects from which pupils select three subjects (or four if they wish to take Maths and Further Maths). Pupils who wish to increase their breadth of study may chose a fourth subject from the Standard


A-level subjects offered in the 2017-18 academic year are: Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design Technology, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, Further Maths, Music, Physics, Physical Education, Religious Studies


Pupils have the option to complement their subject studies with Theory of Knowledge lessons; they can also take the Extended Essay option to support their university application and will follow a Creativity, Action and Service programme.


Sport and culture

Regular fixtures with other schools operate for boys in football, hockey and cricket and for girls in hockey, netball, rounders and tennis. The Inter-House games programme is extensive and includes major and minor sports – pupils can be involved either as players or organisers. In the Sports Centre there is the opportunity to develop skills away from the major team games.

In recent years boys have also competed in athletics, badminton, cross country, basketball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, water polo, golf and rowing. Girls have also competed in badminton, swimming, football, athletics, basketball and rowing.

In addition, a diverse programme of recreational activities includes aerobics, aquarobics, trampolining, dance and gymnastics. Pupils are encouraged to make the most of our extensive facilities by running their own sports activities in the evenings and at weekends.

Excellent facilities of this prestigious boarding school include an astro turf pitch, four badminton courts, two cricket nets, indoor netball, tennis, hockey and a basketball court. The Sports Centre has a fully fitted cardiovascular suite and weights room, swimming pool and there are also three squash courts, five netball courts and a dance studio. Pupils develop their interests in the major and minor sports within and outside the curriculum.


Location Description

Independent Boarding School in Surrey
Set in glorious Surrey countryside, access to the School could not be easier.Whether you fly, drive or come by train your journey will be straightforward with excellent links to London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and the South Coast, all less than one hour away.


Godalming, Surrey GU8 5SG

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