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Are you looking for an English boarding school outside England? Chinese and English languages are counting in this hectic world!. Think about Dulwich College in Beijing China.

Dulwich College Beijing is a dynamic, modern school which draws on
the 400 year history of Dulwich College London. We are a British
International School with over 45 nationalities. We focus on academic
excellence, commitment to our wider community, sporting success and the
highest of standards in music, art and drama. Our sportsmen, musicians,
actors, artists and debaters have access to wonderful amenities to
facilitate this pursuit. It is my privilege to lead such a school,
situated in the capital city of the fastest-growing economy in the

It is easy to quantify the success of a school with examination
results and university places. Such measures are important, and ranked
in this way we are certainly very successful. Our students are lively,
independent thinkers who consistently excel, and many of them are now
furthering their education at the most prestigious universities around
the world. However, this provides only a limited way of exploring what
it means to be at the Senior School at Dulwich.

Pastoral care is at the heart of all we do, and students are
supported by an excellent and committed staff. Every student belongs to a
House, which is the basis of the system of guidance and welfare that
enables us to take personal care of each student. We encourage our
students to make the most of the international context in order to
embrace other cultures and develop lifelong friendships. Each child has a
mentor from an older year group and our strong links to the community
beyond the school gates mean that our students maintain a broad and
compassionate outlook.

Last year we were delighted to be named British International School
of the Year at the Independent Schools Awards. On my first visit to the
school, with its welcoming and purposeful atmosphere, dedicated staff
and friendly children, I understood why the school received this
accolade. I hope that you too will find the time to visit us and to
discover at first-hand what makes Dulwich College Beijing Senior School
so special.

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About the school

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Academic life

Key Stage 5 covers Years 12 and 13, where our curriculum follows the
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP is a
demanding two-year course that meets the needs of highly motivated
students, and leads to a qualification that is recognized by leading
universities around the world. Students study 6 subjects in total, three
at Standard Level, and three at Higher Level. They also study a course
in Theory of Knowledge (TOK), devote time to Creative, Action, Service
(CAS) opportunities and write an Extended Essay.

The 6 subjects are grouped by discipline. Students choose one subject
from each group. In Group 1, students study English Literature, or
Literature in their own First Language (by arrangement). In Group 2,
students study one of Chinese, Spanish or French, each at a choice of
levels. In Group 3, students study one of Business and Management,
Economics, Geography or History. In Group 4 one of Biology, Chemistry,
Physics or Design Technology. In Group 5 everyone studies Mathematics,
at a choice of levels. In Group 6, students can choose an additional
subject from groups 2-5, or choose Theatre Arts, Visual Arts or Music.
Full details of these subjects can be found in the Curriculum Guide.

Out of our full-time teaching staff, we have 21 professionals that
are experienced and qualified IB Diploma Teachers and Examiners.  They
cover 13 subjects that are offered through our IB Programme.

All of our students are assigned to a House throughout their time at
Dulwich. There are 5 Houses, Alleyn, Soong, Johnson, Owens and
Wodehouse. Each student will tell you that their house is the best! This
forms the basis of our personalised guidance and welfare system for
every student. Every individual is part of a Form Group, led by a Tutor
who sees them every day. The Tutor is the first point of contact in the
crucial relationship between home and school.

We go out of our way to enrich the learning of students, and one of
the key ways we do this is with technology. Students in Key Stage 5 are
expected to bring their own laptop to school every day, and technology
is integrated into every day learning, to enable students to use a
variety of tools, media and resources to enhance their learning. As
students have been using their own laptops since Year 8, they are well
prepared to manage this learning device. Our Virtual Learning
Environment, Studywiz enables us to take this further. Parents as well
as students are all supplied with their own unique login and password to
access this important tool, enabling us to develop still further the
partnership between home and school.

Dulwich College Beijing prides itself on academic excellence,
performance opportunities and sporting success. Achieving academic
excellence is the core of our curriculum, and the 62% of entries over
the last four years that have reached A or A* in the rigorous (I)GCSE
examinations bear testament to this excellence. Every year students have
been entered for IGCSE examinations, some have achieved the ‘Top in
China’ award.

2012 Results and Highlights

98% of students gained 8 (I)GCSEs or more

93% of grades were A* – B

69% of awards gained were A* – A

100% of students passed English Language, Mathematics and Science

Top Student Guillaume Dideron who achieved 9A* and 2 A grades
The Best in the World!

We are delighted to announce that five of our students have received
an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award. These awards celebrate the
academic achievements of secondary school learners in the November 2011
and June 2012 Cambridge examination series. For the first time, Dulwich
College Beijing students have received four top in the world awards for
achieving the highest marks in the world in (I)GCSE Foreign Language
Mandarin Chinese. Matilde Xiao, Samuel Tang, Kevin Li and Rebecca Zhu
are all to be congratulated for this fantastic achievement.
Congratulations also to Livia Boer who has received an Outstanding
Cambridge Learner Award for gaining the highest mark in China in (I)GCSE
First Language German. The results are a reflection of the enormous
talent not only of our students but also our teachers.

Sport and culture

Location Description

Legend Garden (including Legend Early Years)

Our main campus is located 10 minutes from the airport and just
15 minutes from the Beijing Riviera area.  It is in the vicinity of
River Garden Villas, Eurovillage, Le Leman Lake, Gahood Villas, Yosemite
Villas and Pinnacle Plaza and within walking and biking distance to
Legend Garden, Chateau Regalia, Rits Villas and Merlin Champagne Town. 
The campus provides outstanding purpose built facilities to students in
ages 1 to 18.

Beijing Riviera
The Beijing Riviera Country Club and Villas compound is located just 20
minutes from the airport and is surrounded by other popular housing
developments, including Lane Bridge, Quan Fa Garden, Grand Hills and
Cathay View Villas. The site houses our Toddler to Year 2 classes.

Legend Garden Campus 7 – 18 year olds 89 Capital Airport Road Shunyi District Beijing 101300 PRC 101300 PRC

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