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Boarding school review in New Zealand confirms – this is one of top girls boarding schools in New Zealand. Diocecan School for girls in Auckland has great history and tradition.

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About the school

Early in 1903 Bishop Moore Richard Neligan arrived in Auckland to
begin his ministry as the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland.
Having considerable experience in education and eager to rally the
Anglican community around a shared project, he decided to establish an
Anglican school for girls modelled on the new British ‘high schools’.

Bishop Neligan’s vision was clear:

„To offer, on sound clear simple Anglican lines, in a Diocesan School
for Girls, the very best scholarship that can be found throughout the
length and breadth of the Colony.”

Today, Bishop Neligan’s vision continues to inspire the holistic
educational, spiritual and ethical approach we take to our students’
learning – from our Foundation Class to Year 13.

Diocesan’s purpose-built campus is designed to accommodate buildings,
sports facilities and recreational areas on a relatively compact site
while achieving a sense of space with landscaped gardens, courtyards and
covered walkways. The whole campus has wireless internet access to
support digital learning. Year 11-13 students can relax and study in
their own common room.

Historic buildings

Diocesan takes pride in the fact that the Chapel remains at the
physical heart of the school, demonstrating the importance of our
Anglican heritage. The Chapel complex includes the St Barnabas Chapel,
built in 1854. Other historic features include the elegant Victorian
school house and school hall.

Aquatic Centre
Our world-class indoor Aquatic Centre has a purpose built fitness
centre, separate learner pool and 400-seat spectator gallery. A moveable
floor in the main 25 x 20 metre pool can be lowered for deep water
sports codes like water polo and raised for learn-to-swim classes.

Multipurpose Sports Turf

Our multipurpose sports turf complex features a full size competition
hockey turf, netball and tennis courts. These facilities provide both
year-round sports training and another open recreational space on the
school campus. Additional tennis and netball courts are available within
close proximity. 

Centennial Building
The four-storey Centennial Building houses academic and
administrative offices, the library, the Whare Aka for Te Reo Māori
teaching, and departments including languages, mathematics, social
sciences, classical and religious studies, the Centre for Enhancement of
Learning, our Careers Development Centre, specialist media studies and
IT support. 

Dawn Jones Sports Centre

The Dawn Jones Sports Centre enables on-site coaching of several
sports codes as well as full school assemblies and services,
prize-givings and concerts.

Junior School
Our purpose-built Junior School building has its own hall, library,
music suite, science, technology and arts facilities as well as
dedicated spaces for specialist teaching, individual and group

Patteson Building
The Patteson Building houses the English department classrooms and a
50-seat theatre. Other facilities include drama and music centres and a
specialist science block with chemistry, physics and biology

Shrewsbury Building
The Shrewsbury Building has specialist facilities for teaching art
and design, food studies, fabric studies and materials technology.

Senior Common Rooms

Our senior common rooms are purpose built for Years 11-13, providing
kitchen and bathroom facilities, a separate study room and facilities
including two modern dance studios. 

Further development

The next stage of the Campus Development Plan will see the
construction of our Centre for the Arts which will include an auditorium
that will seat the entire School and have specialist facilities for
music, drama and drama and visual arts. 

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Academic life

Junior School

Diocesan’s Foundation Class is designed to offer challenge, stimulus
and inquiry in a fun, caring environment for girls from four to five
years old.

“Nothing without joy” expresses our approach to the children’s
education, balancing focused play with structured group experiences so
they are emotionally and intellectually engaged in their learning.

The class establishes foundations for learning by teaching the
competencies and routines required to succeed at school. We also help
students learn to work together through cooperation, negotiation and

The children join the girls in Years 1-6 in Chapel services and
assemblies and visit the school library as they get to know Dio. Weekly
visits to Mt St John, baking bread and pizzas for their lunch and
swimming at the Aquatic Centre are also highlights of their week. The
Foundation Class teaches a specialised early childhood programme. It
focuses on the development of early mathematical skills and all areas of
early language skills – reading, speaking, listening and writing.

A start in our Foundation Class ensures a seamless transition directly into the Year 0 and Year 1 classes.

Years 1-6
As your daughter enters Years 1-6 at Diocesan, our vision is to give her an education that will set her up for life.

Teaching and learning philosophy
Diocesan’s Junior School offers your child individualised learning to
identify and develop her strengths so she can achieve her full
potential. We give students the skills and tools they need to be
innovative thinkers and effective leaders in tomorrow’s challenging
world, focussing on the growth of the whole child.

Each class has a home-room teacher and we have specialist music, art,
physical education, health, drama, French, and science and technology

Programme of delivery
Our School is accredited to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP)
of the International Baccalaureate. We engage children in learning and
inspire them to take risks as they explore new concepts and ideas that
deepen their understanding.

PYP addresses each student’s academic development as well as her
physical, emotional and cultural needs. Our teachers design their
curriculum and learning pathways with students in a collaborative,
structured process that caters for their learning styles, passions and

The curriculum
PYP links to the New Zealand Curriculum and is part of Diocesan’s
school-wide approach to unified learning for years 1 to 13. Our Year 1
to 6 students study six learning themes each year which are connected
across the curriculum.

PYP is a trans-disciplinary programme of international education
designed to foster development of the whole child, encompassing her
social, physical, emotional and cultural needs as well as her academic

PYP prepares students for Dio’s dual educational pathway where they
can choose to study for the National Certificate of Educational
Achievement (NCEA) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma offered in
our Senior School.

Our academic programme includes languages, mathematics, science,
technology, social sciences, the arts and health and physical wellbeing.
Every child is offered specialist French, music, art, physical
education and fitness teaching.

Our Copernicus Programme for gifted and talented students at all
levels includes creative writing, art, mathematics, video, web and
computer skills.

Senior School Year 11-13

Diocesan’s strong focus on academic achievement is reflected in our dual educational pathway. This offers students the choice of studying either the NCEA or International Baccalaureate
programmes so they can gain the most relevant qualifications to realise
their future ambitions. A wide range of sporting and cultural
activities complement the academic curriculum.

Senior academic courses

The Senior School curriculum covers the core subjects of English and
Mathematics and four other subjects in Years 11 and 12, and five in Year
13 for NCEA students. IB Diploma students take six subjects over their
two-year programme in Years 12 and 13.

High achieving students have the opportunity to study university
papers as part of their Year 13 programme. This can be at The University
of Auckland as part of the Young Scholars Programme, or selected papers
by distance learning through The University of Waikato. Diploma
students take six subjects over their two year programme in Year 12 and
Year 13.

See our curriculum here

Preparing girls for great careers

Girls’ career development and decision making is assisted through
career education programmes at different year levels and professional
career counselling. In Years 11, 12 and 13, Diocesan students have
increased leadership responsibility and are role models for younger
students. The leadership opportunities we offer senior students,
including our prefect system, buddy system and peer support and
community service programmes, help them to learn to manage change, be
resilient and work with diversity.

Leadership programme

We have a school-wide leadership programme which all girls take part
in. Students are challenged to understand that leadership is not a
position but an attitude and way of being. Everyone gets called upon to
lead at some stage in their life and we want students to have the
confidence and skills for leadership.

Extra curricular activities
Senior students fine-tune their time management skills as they take
greater responsibility for managing their involvement in the wide range
of extra curricular activities offered at Diocesan. These include sports
and performing arts, which give girls the opportunity to stretch their

Sport and culture

Location Description

Diocesan School for Girls is located on Clyde Street, Epsom, just a few
minutes’ walk from Newmarket – one of the city’s leading shopping
centres – and about 10 minutes’ drive from Auckland’s CBD. It is also
conveniently close to motorway entrances and exits, the train station
and well serviced by buses.

Clyde Street Epsom AUCKLAND 1051 1051

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