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Bodwell High School is a private largest international co-educational boarding school offering grades 8 to 12, and university preparation, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bodwell has offered an engaging curriculum for boys and girls, at a beautiful waterfront campus in the city of North Vancouver. The student body is comprised of students from over 40 countries. This diverse mix gives students an opportunity to learn from each other and become well-rounded, thoughtful, responsible, members of a global community

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About the school

In September 1991, Bodwell High School embarked on its journey to educate students from around the globe. There were only six students in the first semester. The original campus was located on West 12th Avenue in the City of Vancouver. In four years, enrollment grew to 250 students, representing a dozen countries.  With modest school’s facilities in the early years, Bodwell’s wealth was in its school community of aspiring students and dedicated faculty.

In 2003, Bodwell’s rich school atmosphere and community pride were brought over to its new harbour-front campus in North Vancouver. The new facilities, including a full-size gym, an indoor swimming pool, and full-service cafeteria, allowed for 400 students and 150 boarders.  Under the leadership of Mr. Stephen Smith as Principal, the school adopted a House System, Student Parliament, and student uniforms, and changed its sports team name to the ‘Bodwell Bruins’.

In 2011, Bodwell celebrated its 20th anniversary by undertaking and completing an expansion project that enlarged the cafeteria, added new classrooms and dormitory rooms. The community grew to 450 students, 100 staff, and 4,500 alumni from over 60 countries.  Bodwell was truly becoming a visionary Canadian school that lives and breathes the spirit of diversity.

In 2015 – 2016, Bodwell embarked on its most ambitious expansion project yet.  A new, multi-floor dormitory, housing over 500 boarding students, sits atop an expanded library and second gymnasium, as well as more classrooms and a state-of-the-art multimedia auditorium.  The project also includes more expansive, outdoor spaces for recreation and a large underground parkade.  Set to complete in 2017, this expansion is the culmination of years of planning and our desire to bring our unique educational perspective to more students from around the world.

A modern campus with world class features
Bodwell’s modern campus features include; two multipurpose gyms, indoor swimming pool, theatre, state-of-the-art multimedia auditorium, music rooms, split-level library, and two spacious cafeterias, both with rooftop patios.  The entire school is covered with high-speed wireless internet allowing for freedom of movement and access to information anywhere on campus.

On-site boarding program provides rooms with a view of the waterfront or the breathtaking North Shore Mountains.  Boarding halls are monitored and staffed with professional boarding advisors that oversee student activities and safety.  Male and female students live in separate boarding halls.

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Academic life

Bodwell has high expectations and standards from which students are reviewed. While the rigorous curriculum will fully challenge students, Bodwell uses a flexible, balanced approach to teaching, allowing students to independently explore a topic of study or be guided through it. Students will be able to find their own unique style and pace for learning, while support is always available in the classroom, in study groups, and individual tutoring. Bodwell’s trimester system gives students flexibility by offering entrance opportunities in September, January, and April every year. This allows a motivated student to complete one-and-a-half academic grades in each calendar year, enabling them to complete high school faster and begin their post-secondary studies sooner. Or a student can use the April term (Summer term) for other opportunities and still be on pace with their peers to complete high school within a standard timeframe.

Sport and culture

The Bodwell athletic experience is rare amongst other schools because our teams are made up of athletes from all over the world. The Bodwell  teams have won numerous championships competing amongst North Shore Athletic Association (NSSAA) and the Greater Vancouver Independent School Athletic Association (GVISAA) schools. This is a credit to our well-qualified coaches and athletes that harness their diversity of talents and personalities into athletic success.

Athletics at Bodwell: Basketball, Volleyball, Track&Field Soccer, Swimming, Badminton, Cross Country, Skiing and Snowboarding, Tennis , Softball, Fitness , Floor Hockey, Futsal, Yoga, 

Self Defence for Ladies , Jiu Jitsu

Basketball court,  soccer field, swimming pool,  gym, 

Every student at Bodwell has the opportunity to explore and express their creativity through the venue of art, music and drama. This opportunity is vital for developing a flexible, adaptable mind that can meet the challenges of today and the future. Students have the option to develop their skills in such areas as drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital media.  If a student is musically inclined, they will have the opportunity to hone their skills as part of an instrumental ensemble. Or a student can study the theatric arts and participate in drama performances scheduled throughout the year.

Fine Arts

Visual media, from paint to clay, from graphite to pixels, fine art can take many forms.  At Bodwell, we give our students the opportunity to explore their own creativity by exposing them to as many mediums as possible and allowing them to become proficient in what they love.


Music can evoke many emotions and moods.  From the somber to the upbeat, music is a part of life that Bodwell students try to explore and find inspiration from.  Whether it be the choir or band, or the the DJ’ing club, students can experience diverse genres of music that expand the mind and lift the spirit.


Some students are more inclined to the theatre or to dance.  Bodwell supports them with classes and clubs that strengthens not only their acting or dance skills, but also their knowledge, be it a survey of techniques or a historical walkthrough of performers that have made their mark.

 The Academic Preparation Program (APP) is an introduction to the Canadian high school curriculum for students ages 13-17. Using a theme-based approach to create an engaging learning environment, students will improve their English skills rapidly. Classes include mathematics, science, social studies and fine arts, as well as physical education. The program eases students into the new academic year by setting the standard of expectation reserved for the high school program. APP offers a variety of excursions in and around the city of Vancouver. Excursions allow students to learn outside the classroom and experience Canada’s culture and people.  Students will visit famous landmarks, attractions and become familiar with the city. The program utilizes the high school’s on-site boarding residence, with rooms accommodating 2-4 students. Bedrooms have breathtaking views of either the waterfront to the south or the mountains to the north. There are student lounges with audio-visual equipment, computers, and a kitchenette for snacks. The residence is managed by our experienced live-in directors and supervisors. Three nutritious meals and an evening snack are provided by the school cafeteria each day.

Program Fee:

AUGUST 5 – 25, 2018

3 WEEK FEE :$3,950 (CAD)


4 WEEK FEE: $4,600 CAD

Application & Payment Deadline:

July 1, 2018

BODWELL’S UNIVERSITY SUMMER PROGRAMS, Educational fun for 10 to 17 year olds

Bodwell’s University Summer Programs was the first campus-based summer program for international youth in Western Canada. With four different programs offered, students learn English in unique settings and contexts.  All programs give students the experience of life away from home, the opportunity to make friends from around the world, and a great chance to develop their self-confidence


Location: University of British Columbia (UBC)

2 WEEKS, July 15 – 28, July 29 – August 11, $4,300

3 WEEKS, July 8 – 28 , July 15 – August 4, July 22 – August 11, $5,300

4 WEEKS, July 15 – August 11, $6,300

5 WEEKS, July 8 – August 11, $7,150


Location: University of British Columbia (UBC) & University of Victoria (UVic)

2 WEEKS, July 29 – August 11, $4,950

3 WEEKS, July 22 – August 11, $5,900

4 WEEKS, July 15 – August 11, $6,900


Location: University of British Columbia (UBC) and Quest University

2 WEEKS, July 15 – 28, $4,950

3 WEEKS, July 8 – 28, July 15 – August 4, $5,950


Location: University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Victoria (UVic), and Quest University

4 WEEKS, July 8 – August 4 , July 15 – August 11, $7,150

5 WEEKS, July 8 – August 11, $8,100

Location Description

955 Harbourside Drive North Vancouver BC V7P3S4 CANADA

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