Badminton School: Bristol, UK

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Girls boarding school in Bristol with great reputation.

Junior School

Every child should benefit from a full and rounded education which will help prepare them for life after school. Whilst it is obviously crucial that girls are both numerate and literate they also need to understand how the world around them works. Geography, Science and History lessons help to provide this knowledge and they form an important part of the school curriculum. The Badminton boarding school encourages the pupils to make links across subjects. This cross-curricular awareness is carefully considered during planning and topics are often linked between subjects.

All of subjects are taught by specialist, thus providing the pupils with an excellent standard of teaching. This top girls boarding school has designed a languages taster programme which means that the girls study a different language every year starting with French in Year 3, then Latin in Year 4, German in Year 5 and Spanish in Year 6. These lessons are taught by specialist teachers from our Senior School and provide the girls with the opportunity to explore languages before deciding which ones they might like to pursue when they move on to the Senior School.

Maths lessons are streamed in order to enable to provide the most appropriate level of support for every ability. In some cases, where there is a wider spread of ability, they may also stream for English. ICT lessons take place on a weekly basis and these sessions provide the pupils with the basic skills which they may then develop and explore in other subjects (such as creating graphs in Geography or PowerPoint presentations in History). Art and Design Technology are taught in purpose built classrooms by specialist teachers and there are many opportunities throughout the school year when the girls are able to showcase their artistic talents. Music is an important part of this all girl boarding school life. It provides the girls with opportunities to perform and teaches them the disciplines involved with learning an instrument. Specialist music lessons start in Little Acorns and go right through to Year 6. All Junior pupils attend choir practice and hymn practice once a week: the singing is fantastic! It is important that the girls take some form of physical activity every day and Games and PE lessons, including swimming, netball, hockey, tennis, gymnastics and dance take place daily on-site. This boarding school for girls  seeks to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced understanding of the world: they enjoy weekly RE lessons in which they study the major world religions placed within a cultural context. PSHE also provides another element of this understanding and enables us to provide the girls with an awareness of how to cope with personal, social, safety and health issues. The Junior Boarding School puts on a number of productions and performances throughout the school year and many of the skills which are showcased at these events are acquired during drama lessons which take place in the Junior School hall.


Senior School

At Badminton boarding school for girls the staff aims to give all of girls a first-class education in which intellectual development, academic success and pastoral care are complemented by high performance in the arts, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Central to this top boarding school philosophy is a rich and holistic educational experience which fosters a love of learning and the setting of high standards. This boarding school encourages girls to take responsibility for their own learning and develop skills such as independent thinking, self-analysis and reflection. The school’s aim is to provide an environment in which all girls feel able to express themselves freely, to set high expectations for themselves and to be ambitious in all of their endeavours. The school’s staff encourages girls to believe all is possible and that with hard work and determination they can achieve their full potential. The girls are equipped with the necessary abilities and skills to be prepared not only for success in examinations but in their life more generally as they become part of a competitive and rapidly changing global community.

The curriculum offers a broad and innovative academic education with a strong emphasis on developing an enquiring mind, instilling a good work ethic and striving for excellence. Activities are planned to promote the academic and personal development of the pupils. The curriculum is broadly balanced and seeks to give pupils the opportunities to be appropriately challenged. It is delivered through timetabled lessons as well as school trips, workshops, competitions and visiting speakers and seeks to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and personal development of pupils.


Number of students

Boarding School:







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7 days boarding: 

GBP 8,300-14,180

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Academic life

Sport and culture

The Intensive Summer Curriculum The Intensive Summer Curriculum is a full time course of 23 hours of tuition per week, with a maximum of 8 students per class. The course aims to develop both an intellectual as well as a social understanding. OISE deliver a full day of learning which focuses on language, academic literacy, subject literacy and social and cultural fluency. Lessons generally follow a topic throughout the day, flowing seamlessly from grammar and vocabulary to more productive and creative tasks in the afternoons. Course start dates 08th July 2018 for 1,2,3,4 or 5 weeks 22nd July 2018 for 2 or 3 weeks 29th July 2018 for 2 weeks Course fees 1 week: £1,485 2 weeks: £2,810 3 weeks: £4,125 Each additional week: £1,315 Cambridge Exams Preparation The Cambridge Exam Preparation also covers 23 hours of tuition per week, with a maximum of 8 students per class but focuses on First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) Certificate training. The course is fast paced and uses a range of stimulating teaching techniques to engage students and familiarise them with the exam. Concentrating on the five skills tested in the exam: listening, reading, writing, speaking and use of English, the course covers each area in depth. Authentic past papers are used to simulate the exam situation and familiarise students with managing time constraints.

Cultural Programme
Cultural Programme The school has excellent sports facilities including a heated swimming pool, an indoor sports hall and tennis courts. As well as sport, other activities available include jewellery making, decorative painting, quizzes, casino nights, film and games nights, talent shows and discos. Weekends offer full-day excursions to London, Oxford or Cardiff. On Wednesday afternoons students will explore local points of interest to discover Bristol’s rich history, such as inspecting Brunel’s SS Great Britain and marvelling at the picturesque Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Location Description

Situated approximately 20km from Bath, 120Km from Oxford and 205km from London, Bristol is a hub of social and cultural attractions such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Exploratory Science Museum, various museums and art galleries as well as a lively shopping scene. Badminton school is over 150 years old and is set in its own beautifully landscaped grounds.

Badminton School, Westbury-on-Trim, Bristol BS9 3BA

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