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American Academy Limassol (American Academy of Limassol) is an international school of joint education, which opens its doors every year for students from different countries. The school first earned in 1986 for the first 50 students.

The Academy works on the British educational program. She received accreditation in international centers EDEXCEL and City & Guilds, is a member of the Association of British private boarding schools. During the training period, students are trained for the GCSE / IGCSE (International Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations and TOEFL / IELTS (International English Language Test).

American Academy Limassol deals with all levels of education – from preschool to senior classes. The school accepts for training children from 2 years. At the Academy there is a private kindergarten, which helps to prepare for the school, it takes 2-4 years.

Then children go to primary school, where they are trained for 6 years at the age from 5 to 10 years. Children study such disciplines as literature, natural history, history, mathematics, geography, art history, computer science, Greek and French, and many others.

Senior classes are engaged in training children and adolescents aged 11 to 18 years and their preparation for the passing of international examinations.

Number of students

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About the school

In 1986 the American Academy opened its doors in Despina Pattichi Street Limassol to both primary and secondary school pupils with an initial enrolment of 50 pupils.

By 1990 the primary school moved to its current location Lefkas street to fit the growing number of enrolments for both schools.

In the year 2000, the school management was busy opening its first Nursery and Reception classes, creating boarding facilities to cater to international students as well as expanded its educational influence by creating an Educational Learning Center to assist students with extra lessons and top-up subjects as well as dealing with students which have learning difficulties such as Dyslexia.

In 2001 recognizing the demand for Private Greek education, the American Academy in Limassol started a Greek secondary school.

In 2006 – 2008 an additional floor was built in the Limassol Secondary school to satisfy increase in demand for students. By 2008 a new Nursery was established in Limassol.

2010 A management agreement was signed with Tanafoua Group of Companies for the establishment and operation of a series of schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2011 Accredited by City and Guilds to become an on-line English Examination Centre

2013 Negotiations are under way to move into Tertiary education by offering first year pathway courses

Library Facilities

The libraries holds more than 5,000 books and resources, including fiction and non-fiction books. It also has a range of newspapers and magazines for students to read and a dedicated Careers section with information on local and international universities.The American Academy library is a valuable resource for students from all year groups and it is the ideal place to come and study.

ICT Facilities

Computing lessons take place in these 3 rooms, which are also available for students to use in their own time after school hours under Teacher supervision. Students have ample storage space on their own network drive, as well as filtered safe high-speed broadband Internet access. Almost all classrooms throughout the school have networked ICT facilities.

Playground & Canteen

Large, playful and resourceful playgrounds with child safety protocols are in place in all of our buildings.

Theater for Performing Arts Facilities

The school theater (named after Dr. Yiota Demetriou) is utilised as a multipurpose drama and music production set aimed to provide the students with the opportunity to utilise.

Laboratory Rooms

The secondary school has three (3) laboratories all equipped with the suitable equipment for each subject aimed at making science enjoyable as well as providing an appropriate learning environment for the students. Lab coats and goggles are provided.

The accommodation facilities are offered for the entire duration of the academic year including the Christmas, Easter and other holidays should the students decide to remain in Cyprus.

Meals are offered 3 times a day, every day of the week

Student’s individual needs are taken care of

Laundry services provided on a weekly basis

Maximum number of students in each room is two

Television, Video and Cable T.V. are available to all students

Computer facilities with Internet connection

24 Hour Supervision

Personal Tutoring

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Academic life

The American Academy offers a well balanced education based on the English National Curriculum modified to accommodate the needs of international students and are committed to encouraging the development of the full potential and personality of our students.

Primary School Key Stage 1 ( age 5-6 )

This stage comprises of the first two years of Primary School.  Children between the ages of 5 and 7 will study the Core Curriculum subjects which are: English, Mathematics, Science and Greek for Natives.

Other Foundation Curricular subjects include: Greek as a second language for non- natives, Geography, History, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Music, Art, Physical Education, Dance & Movement, Yoga and Greek as a second language.

Primary School Key Stage 2 ( age 7-10)

This stage is the final four years of Primary School. The same subjects are taught as in Key Stage 1, with the addition of French and Drama, in which children from year 4 and upwards study.

• Specialist teachers are employed to teach Greek, French, Music, ICT, Drama, Yoga, Dance and Movement and Physical Education.

Core Subjects

Literacy – Numeracy – Science – Geography – History – Greek – Art – ICT – Sports  French- Dance and Movement – Yoga

Secondary School Key Stage 3,4,5 (Age 11-18)

The American Academy School follows a modified English National Curriculum designed to provide a well-balanced education, which caters to students’ needs, and encourages the development of their full potential as citizens of tomorrow. The school offers:

  • a wide choice of subjects at GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A-Level
  • fully equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics, D&T and ICT laboratories
  • Art, Music, Drama rooms and a fully functioning Library

American Academy School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion) approved by the Ministry of Education and recognised by universities worldwide

Entry to the best universities of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, as well as those of Cyprus, Greece and Europe


This stage comprises of the first three years of secondary schooling normally known as Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 (in the UK referred to as Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9), when pupils are aged between 11 and 14. During this stage the core curriculum is compulsory for all students and includes the following subjects: Art, Drama, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, Greek/Special Greek, History, Information Communication Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science, Personal and Social Education.

In Class 3, when students choose their subject options for the following year, every effort is made to offer as broad a range of subjects as possible from the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum, and students are guided by the school counsellor and careers advisor to make informed and balanced choices.


These two years (Class 4, Class 5) offer a program of courses that prepare students for the International GCSE and GCSE examinations. Every student must take English Language and Mathematics as well as a language option. A further four optional subjects are chosen from a broad list which currently includes Art, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, ICT, Geography, German, Greek*/Special Greek, History, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Russian.

The American Academy is one of the few schools that enables students to complete their AS-Level in Greek in Class 4 and A-Level in Class 5, two whole years ahead of time. Therefore providing students the opportunity to graduate with up to 5 A-Level qualifications.


At this stage (Class 6, Class 7) each student constructs an individual programme track of AS/A2 level courses which ultimately lead to General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Qualifications (known as GCE A-level) and Apolyterion subjects from a very wide range of options.

Students may choose one of three programme tracks to study:

  • A-Level Intensive Track
  • Apolytirion Track
  • Combined Track

Subject Options Include:

A-Level subjects: Art, Accounting, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, History, Information Communication Technology, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics.

Apolyterion subjects: Business & Marketing, General Science, Politics, Critical Thinking & Ethics.

Sport and culture

An extensive sports programme is offered for all classes and you can anticipate that students will learn and practice approximately thirty (30) different kinds of sport games and activities. These include handball, netball, swimming, basketball, football, javelin, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, catch games, martial arts, gymnastics

Sports Facilities

The sports ground accommodates netball, football, tennis, volleyball and basketball. The hall can also be partitioned into two halves to host different groups or activities. Changing rooms with toilets are available.

International Summer School. The programme is designed for children from 11 to 19 years.

2018:   June 18 – July 2; July 2 – July 16;  July 16 – July 30;   August 1 – August 17

 An intensive English language programme purposely designed for young adults that are seeking to combine travel and study and summer fun. The course is suitable for students that are interested in visiting Cyprus, meeting new people and seeing what its like to be a student on this Island.

The American Academy International Summer School is an academic programme within an international context and a forum aimed at fostering intercultural understanding for students aged 11 to 19 whilst they learn English with the option of taking the external City and Guilds English exam, a reputable international qualification. The programme is also packed with all sort of fun activities such as sailing, swimming, water parks, sports and other group games including,

FULL-DAY programme (9 a.m. – 7 p.m.)

Snacks & Lunch, Educational excursions, Sports activities  , Afternoon activities, Stationary and books, Entrance and final exams, Certificate of Attendance, 10-hour supervision


FULL BOARD programme

Accommodation at M.Moniatis Hotel***, Full board (4 meals), Educational excursions, Sports activities, Afternoon activities, Stationary and books, Entrance and final exams, Certificate of Attendance, 24-hour supervision, Transfers to and from Airport

2 weeks – €1600

4 weeks – €2800

Location Description

Limassol is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus and capital of the eponymous district. Limassol is the second largest urban area in Cyprus after Nicosia. Limassol has been ranked by TripAdvisor as the 3rd up-and-coming destination in the world, in its Top 10 Traveler’s Choice Destinations on the Rise. The city has two international airports: Larnaca International Airport (situated ~50 km (31 mi) north-east from city) and Paphos International Airport (situated ~50 km (31 mi) north-west from city).

24 Despinas Pattichi Str, 3071, Limassol 3071

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