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Top schools in the Netherlands for international students in 2024, reviews, fees, rankings


Are you looking for best boarding schools in Europe? Are you interested in the highest level of education? Well, we can tell you that boarding schools in Netherlands will guarantee you all of this and much more! These schools are considered to be one of the best in the world and offer the highest level of education! Netherlands is the main constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and it is a small and densely populated country which is situated in the Western Europe. The capital city and the largest one is Amsterdam, being also a symbol of the Netherlands. The Netherlands was one of the first countries with an elected parliament and sine 1848 it is governed in a form of parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy organised as a unitary state. When it comes to the most interesting places to see, we should mention the following ones: the Amsterdam itself, the Rotterdam, the Hague and the Maastricht which is the place of signing the famous European Treaty. Boarding schools in Netherlands are one of the best in the world and those which offer the highest level of education and special attractions for international students. Boarding schools in Netherlands are the best option to develop under the supervision of the best teachers in the world and to take advantage of the best and most varied extra-curricular activities. Graduates from boarding schools in Netherlands can apply for the best national and international colleges and universities and students of those schools can be proud of their school achievements. Please take a closer look at our selection of boarding schools in Netherlands!