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Top Boarding Schools in Zug Switzerland for international students in 2024, reviews


Do you want to continue your education at boarding schools in Switzerland? Do you want to be a member of the unique school community? Maybe you will decide to study at one of the best boarding schools in Zug? Nestling beside a lake overlooked by snow-dusted mountains, Zug seems for all the world like just another cute, affluent Swiss town. town that, for years, was the hideout of the world's most wanted white-collar criminal. According to the government of the canton, or region, of which Zug is the capital, there are 27,000 companies on its commercial register – one for every man, woman and child in the town, leaving a few hundred to spare. A Zug-registered firm is building the strategically critical gas pipeline that will link Europe with Russia via the Baltic. Another is the luxury goods group that owns the Cartier, Piaget and Vacheron Constantin brands. About 3% of the world's petrol is traded, either as crude oil or refined product, through Zug and the neighbouring town of Baar. Few of the world's cars, clocks or computers would work without the metals that are bought and sold here. Yet the signs of wealth in Zug are remarkably discreet: no casino; no stretch limos; no exclusive nightclubs. They are there, the signs, but you have to look hard for them. How many provincial newsagents, for example, have an ample stock of the Forbes Investment Guide, which is aimed at the unabashedly rich? How many towns the size of Hertford could afford an exhibition like the one that is currently showing at the Kunsthaus in Zug, with works by Kandinsky, Mondrian and Eliasson? Holding and investment companies that do not do business in Switzerland pay corporation tax of only 8.5% on their profits. Taxpayers, in the words of the local revenue service, "are considered as clients, not debtors". Boarding schools in Zug are one of the top Swiss schools which are appreciated by the students from every single corner of the world. Take a look at our selection of top boarding schools in Zug. Here in this paradise for affluent people you will find great boarding schools in Switzerland.