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Top Boarding Schools in Sion Switzerland for international students 2024


Sion We know that you are looking for the best boarding schools in Switzerland! This is why you are in this place! And what is more this is the RIGHT place! Maybe you will find interesting boarding schools in Sion? Sion is the oldest town of Switzerland (7'000 years rich of history) The capital of the Valais 4 castles: Valère, Tourbillon, Majorie/Vidomat and Montorge 4 museums: Art, Evêché, History, Nature Recent urban development, modern and friendly Numerous monuments distributed in a beautiful historical center Large shopping area in the center. What is more, this town will give you the possibility to spend your free time in an active way and you will never get bored with its spirit! Boarding schools in Sion can offer you the “elite” level of education provided by the best teaching staff in the world and those experts are always eager to help their students in finding their educational path! Boarding schools in Sion are ranked really high in both national and international school rankings, and international diplomas give students opportunity to continue their education also at international colleges and universities. There are some excellent top boarding schools in Sion, Switzerland. Have a look at our choice!