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Top Boarding Schools in Lugano Switzerland for international students in 2024, reviews


Do you want to study at unique Swiss boarding schools? are you into the highest level of education? All of these you can find at boarding schools in Lugano! Lugano, the largest town in the holiday region of Ticino, is not only Switzerland's third most important financial centre and a conference, banking and business centre, but also a town of parks and flowers, villas and sacred buildings. With Mediterranean flair, Lugano offers all the advantages of a world-class city, combined with the cachet of a small town. There is high number of places of huge historical significance which simply need to be explored: the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo, the Biblioteca Cantonale, the Town Hall or the Art Museum. You can also enjoy the choice of co-educational boarding schools which we present below. Boarding schools in Lugano are famous for its dedication towards students’ personal development and these schools serve and exist to educate the best youg adults in the world. Boarding schools in Lugano can give you only the highest level of education combined with summer and winter courses which are a great opportunity to learn with pleasure. Boarding schools in Lugano are the best choice! Take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Lugano!