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Top Boarding Schools in Bristol, Somerset UK for international students in 2024

Bristol, Somerset

Are you searching for boarding schools in Bristol? We can tell you that you have chosen the right place! Bristol is the largest city in the south west of England, with a population of approximately half a million. The city lies between Somerset and Gloucestershire. There is plenty to see in Bristol: Blaise Castle House Museum, many galleries and theatres. These galleries show some of the cooking, lighting, washing and other household equipment used in Bristol houses over the last three hundred years. There are also some Costume galleries in Bristol and the costume collection consists of approximately 10,000 items dating from the 1730’s to the present day. You can also see dolls houses and furniture, a selection from our extensive collection of Britain’s lead soldiers, early puzzles and games, and some fine toy train sets. Boarding schools in Bristol are also really selected educational institutions and the most elite ones. Students can choose out of a variety of study courses and extra-curricular activities which are offered. If you are interested in boarding schools in Bristol you should take a look at the examples given below.