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Top Boarding Schools in Brighton, East Sussex, UK for international students 2024

Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton is a popular fascinating town where 247,817 people are living. The seaside resort which was located at the south coast of England, particularly in the country of East Sussex is another positive factor that makes the place known. During the year of 2000 Brighton & Hove were merging together in order to form the unitary influence of the city of Brighton & Hove. Brighton is very much known in the media as a place for people who are looking for tranquility and do not want to live in a capital area. And in fact, because of this reason the city has been designated as the “London-sur-Mer.”The most representative landmark of Brighton is a palace, Royal Pavilion in the Indo- Saracenic style of architecture. It is worth mentioning about the world’s oldest operating electric railway, Volk’s Electric Railway, dated to 19th century. The town is a lively place famous for its beaches with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It also attracts tourists its galleries, museums and art events. One of the most significant is Brighton Festival, the second largest art festival in the UK. Boarding schools in Brighton include 54 schools including primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The wide educational offer at boarding schools in Brighton ensures that all needs and preferences of national and international students will be satisfied. Boarding schools in Brighton are also these which are qualified and state or independent boarding schools. Here we present schools in East Sussex!