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TOP Boarding School in St Gallen, Switzerland for international students in 2024, reviews

St. Gallen

Do you want to study at top boarding schools in Switzerland? Do you want to feel the unique atmosphere of this beautiful surrounding? Why not to choose boarding schools in St. Gallen? The city of St.Gallen with its Abbey District (UNESCO World Heritage site) is a true insider’s tip for fans of city tourism. The shores of Lake Constance extending from Rorschach to Altenrhein offer numerous opportunities for swimming, water sports and exciting museum visits. The agricultural region around St.Gallen and the Rhine Valley are a lovely hiking and cycling area. The tourist destination St.Gallen-Lake Constance is just one hour’s drive from Zurich and is also easily accessible with public transportation. Boarding schools in St. Gallen have a broad offer of study courses which will meet the expectations of the most demanding students. Boarding schools in St. Gallen belong to the best boarding schools, either national or international and graduates from those schools can choose and apply for the best colleges and universities. Students have a possibility to get international diplomas and certificates which are substantial help in further educational path. Swiss boarding schools have a lot to offer, have a look at our selection of boarding schools in St. Gallen!