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Are you looking for some best boarding schools in Europe? Take a look at boarding schools in Ireland because this may be the best decision you have ever made! Irish education system is different to the UK one. Students come to the boarding school aged 12/13 and stay for six years. The two main examinations are the Junior Certificate ( at end of Year 3 when students are aged 15/16) and the Leaving Certificate (equivalent to A Levels at end of Year 6). After the Junior Certificate, students complete Transition Year in fourth year. The experience of Transition Year makes it possible for students and staff to enjoy mutual dependence and influence on each other. Academic subjects are presented in a more innovative manner, to facilitate active learning, based on project work. “Work Experience” arranged in collaboration with parents, helps students in their future subject and career choices. At some Irish boarding schools there are opportunities to participate in exchanges with other students from Delbarton (USA), as well as schools in France and Germany, where students develop their vocabulary and language skills. Students are challenged to be open to new hobbies and sports, and develop new skills in activities including sailing, rock-climbing, photography, etc. A comprehensive career and college preparation programme is an integral part of best private schools Transition Year offering. Schools in Ireland offer fantastic value for money quality. International boarding schools welcome international students. Students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate, may take up to 8 subjects – though only 6 subjects may be counted for points for entry into Irish universities. As far as the most interesting places to see in Ireland are concerned, we should mention the following ones: the Dublin Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry or the Phoenix Park. Boarding schools in Ireland can offer the highest level of education, combining pleasure with learning and the modern methods of teaching. Students can benefit from number of possibilities here! Please take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Ireland! Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic and gathers number of tourists each year be-cause there are three World Heritage Sites, as well as number of historical castles. Boarding schools in Ireland combine traditions in-door education with a practical one which is strictly connected with Ireland’s historical burden. Such boarding schools offer number of interesting courses, as well as great support of professional teachers. Board-ing schools in Ireland belong to these which emphasis tradition and culture, as these are most important values among Young People. What is more, boarding schools in Ireland belong to top boarding schools in the world.