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Top 37 Boarding schools in Canada for international students in 2024 with fees and rankings


Many people associate Canada rather with the most famous hockey players than with education and boarding schools. This is why you should start realising that Canada is the capital if many famous boarding schools in the world which are recognisable around the world. Despite the fact that Canadian educational system is slightly different than in the European countries, then these differences occur mainly in lower and primary schools. When it comes to the higher schools or boarding schools, the education is alms the same as in other countries with A-levels and International Baccalaureate Certificates. Any person who considers studying in one of Canadian boarding schools and who have decided which school wants to attend, then there is necessity to apply to that boarding school. Every school is an unique school and has different rules, as well as the requirements on the whole application process. It is not a mystery that sometimes these is a long and boring process with a lot of bureaucracy however, the future results will be a sort of award for this dedication. What is more, any candidate should be ensured that he or she applies early for course of study that was chosen. It is advisable to apply at least 6-7 months in advance to lower schools and when it comes to the boarding schools of higher education then candidates should apply a year before the date of the beginning of their studies. With Best Boarding Schools advisors, candidates may contact the schools where they want to study in order to find out more about the admission process, as well as more on the course itself. Mostly candidates receive specific application forms which need to be filled in and send back. When it comes to the additional information which you can get, the following examples may appear: the cost of applying, tuition fees, costs of living in Canada, language tests, health insurances, extra-curricular activities, obligatory courses. When it comes to the application forms, remember that you can fill in and choose more than just one boarding school which may increase your chances for admittance. However, it is not recommended to apply to all of the schools (both international, co-ed, girls or boys only schools) but rather concentrate on those which meet your expectations. When it comes to the advantages of Canadian boarding schools over other institutions in the world, then one should mention qualifications which are valued around the world. Canada has high academic standards which are reviewed and controlled in a rigours manner. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificated gathered by a student is being recognised worldwide, similarly to those from the United States or the European countries. Second advantage of Canadian boarding schools, its the fact that these boarding institutions can guarantee an affordable education. The quality of education and living standards in Canada are considered as one of the highest in the world, and living costs and tuition fees are significantly lower than in vast majority of other international boarding schools. This is why Canada is the first thought and study destination of many international candidates. Multicultural society of Canada can offer a lot for the international and national students. Because of the mix of different cultures, the ethnicity of Canada may be an opportunity to try ethnic food or recreation activities which are often so different from those which most of us is familiar with. To sum up, with Canadian highly dynamic growth and development , candidates will not only acquire the best knowledge and experience which are needed in the future career, but you will also learn the methods how to express yourself, make use of your creativity and develop your hidden self-confidence. Teachers and boarding schools professors are often available and eager to help you with difficult topics, as well as will help you to integrate with other students. Study Canada, study yourself, choose best boarding scho