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Top 3 boarding schools in Italy for international students in 2024, reviews, fees, rankings


Are you looking for some elite boarding schools in Europe? Take a closer look at boarding schools in Italy because those boarding schools will definitely meet the expectations of the most demanding candidates. These boarding schools will give you the unique possibility to combine pleasure with learning and to explore the beauty of Italy! Italy is officially known as the Italian Republic and it is a unitary parliamentary republic which is located in the Souther region of Europe. The capital city is Rome, being at the same time the largest one in Italy. It is the 5th most populous country in Europe and has the 4th largest economy within the European Union. From the historical point of view, the capital city of Rome has been for centuries the leading political and religious centre of Western Civilisations, being a capital for the Roman Empire, as well as for the Christianity. As far as the most interesting places to see in Rome are concerned, we should mention the following examples: the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Pisa or the St. Peter’s Basilica. These are just some of many examples! Education is also a very important aspect which is substantial, when it comes to the development of Italy. Boarding schools in Italy are one of the best in the world and offer great study programs, additional courses and extra-curricular activities, aimed to explore students knowledge and master they skills and hobbies. Please take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Italy!