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Top 2 Boarding Schools in Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK for international students 2024

Bedford, Bedfordshire

Located in the central-northern part of Bedfordshire, in eastern England, and also its county town, Bedford has been attested since early medieval times, as proven by historical sources documenting the reigns of various Saxon kings. The settlement was built on the River Great Ouse, which has, throughout the centuries, been an important source of sustenance for the developing local population. Due to intense immigration during the 20th and 21st century, which resulted in a very diverse population, Bedford has developed a cosmopolitan culture, as its ethnical components include many people of Italian, Asian and Easter European origin. Because of such a diversified residents, boarding schools in Bedford focus on the “international” aspect of teaching. Boarding schools in Bedford are one of the best schools in the UK and can reflect the reality of future university life. Boarding schools in Bedford also offer a possibility for international students to master their language skills and to socialize with students from different cultures. It is not a mystery that studying at boarding schools in Bedford will give you the possibility to be “simply the best.”