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Are you looking for one of the best boarding schools in the world? We can tell you that Italian boarding schools are not only about the „sunny” side of education, but also about hard work and about becoming the best among the best. Italian boarding schools have a long lasting tradition of education the best graduates and the best future students of international universities. Italian boarding schools can offer you a possibility to master you skills and hobbies at one of additional courses or by choosing some extra-curricular activities which are provided here. Students from Italian boarding schools may count on teachers’ assistance and support which crucial at this time of young people’s development period. What is more, Italian boarding schools can offer you a possibility for students exchange which is a substantial help because you will be given a chance to find out more about different cultures and habits. At Italian boarding schools tolerance and respect are very important. Here you will not face any discrimination but rather a great support may be this what you can expect. Furthermore, Italy is also a beautiful country which has a lot to offer for those who want to explore its beauty. The remains of the Roman Empire and a great dose of monuments of national heritage will make you school years even more interesting because by looking at something and by touching it your history lessons will be the perfect ones. Theory and practice, modern approach to education are those elements which characterise Italian boarding schools.