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Are you looking for some best boarding schools worldwide? Maybe you will become retested in French boarding schools? France is not only a beautiful place to live or to visit but also a great location to start your boarding school education. French boarding schools are one of the most elite and prestigious boarding schools in the world which offer the highest level of education combined with number of additional classes and extra curricular activities. What is more, French boarding schools take care of its students cultural and personal development, and this is why there is so many trips organised to the most interesting and crucial landmarks of both French and European culture. Students from French boarding schools can visit and admire such places as: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre or the Palace du Versailles. And these are the places located only in the heart of France – Paris. Apart from these, Students from French boarding schools can also visit some European capital cities such as: Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Berlin or London. Moreover, French boarding schools give their students an opportunity to master their language skills and often offer extra classes of French language which are usually includes in the school fees. International aspect of education is very important for the authorities at French boarding schools, and this is why their students can obtain international exams, as well as get such certificates as the International Baccalaureate. Please take a closer look at our great selection of some best French boarding schools.