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Do you consider some top boarding schools? Do you want to continue your educational career at some of the best and the most prestigious boarding schools in the world? If yes, we can tell yo that Dutch boarding schools will definitely belong to this category. Dutch boarding schools are classified among one of the best and the most prestigious day and boarding schools which represent the highest level of education combined with individual approach to each and every student. Dutch boarding schools are also famous for its international aspect of education, which is represented by international cooperation with other boarding schools and by giving their students an opportunity to pass international exams and get diplomas accepted all over the world. Dutch boarding schools can be divided into: public or private schools or single sex and co-educational boarding institutions. This is not a mystery that each of us have a different preferences and make different choices, that is why Dutch boarding schools offer such a diversity of possibilities. Dutch boarding schools can offer you some additional classes and courses which are designed in such a way as to meet the expectations of the most demanding students and extra-curricular activities will master your personal skills and hobbies. Such a variety of options makes these boarding schools more and more popular among national and international students and distinguishes these schools among many others. Please take a closer look at our selection of Dutch boarding schools