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Boarding schools in South Africa are really unappreciated institutions. Maybe it is because of the fact that many people are feared of the unknown, and Africa is often connected with tourists’ destinations rather than with education at the best boarding schools. Africa is a comprehensive continent with many possibilities which are often underestimated and treated with a huge distance. People perceive Africa continent schools as those which cannot guarantee their children the highest level of education and variety of possibilities for the future. People thinking as such cannot be more mistaken. Africa is now developing country and throughout the past decades has developed and grown really substantially. It can offer a lot to international students as well as to those who live there permanently. Boarding schools in Africa, with their international diplomas and certificates, can open a lot of doors for the future business career. All of the boarding schools in Africa present philosophy which puts your children at the centre of learning. Each student is challenged to present their hidden critical thinking and to participate in they education process in an active and devoted manner. All of the schools can offer a quickly developing dynamic environment with traditional convictions and values. While preparing students for the reality of the future labor market, students are taught to be thoughtful and carrying citizens with a variety of possibilities, and who are respectful and responsible both for themselves, as well as for other community members. There are many various types of schools, offering different courses of studies. These schools may be divided into: boys only, boarding schools for girls, co-ed boarding schools and private or public institutions. All of the information are mostly available at the schools’ websites together with application forms and contact data to gather further information on a chosen facility or course of study. Teachers at boarding schools in Africa are carrying and dedicated professionals who also help children who need assistance and extra attention to achieve their goals. In Africa there are also many Catholic schools which appreciate and value Christian traditions and which are often chosen by Parent who are interested into a perfect educational environment which reflects Christian standards. There is no discrimination at such boarding schools and every student of every faith can be accepted. The Priest, who is usually present at such institutions, is eager to help and to talk students about all of their problems and concerns. Many schools are developing really quickly and these institutions are becoming more and more appreciated by international candidates, their parents, as well as employers. These schools are forward thinking institutions which are strictly devoted to exceptionally high standards and appreciated progressive educational philosophy. Many of boarding schools in Africa have a long tradition and respect for great values. These institutions are aimed to provide an establishing environment which is a possibility for children’ personal development, as well as their abilities. Teachers are aware of the fact that reality of boarding school is a reflection of the external world with its real problems and obstacles. Candidates who want to apply for African boarding schools may be sure that they will not be disappointed and that their hard work and potential will be valued and developed. The extra-curricular activities, offered at such institutions, are aimed to find out more on hidden skills of each and every student. Safe and sound environment and dedicated teachers may be some kind of an insurance for the Parents that their children are given not only the highest level of education but also that it is conducted in a safe surrounding.