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Co-educational boarding schools are a great opportunity to learn how to function in a mixed society. Boarding schools usually focus on shaping individual values and on discipline however, co-educational schools treat community functioning very seriously. This is because of the fact that school authorities are aware of the fact that in order to be successful in professional career, individuals need to know how to function in a mixed communities. The highest level of education which is provided at boarding schools, at co-educational facilities is combined with respect towards each other and with appreciation for the basic values. It was proven that children who attend co-educational boarding schools are more friendly and do not have discrimination attitudes. They know how to work together in a mixed classes and how to function in a world which is combined of men and women. Friendships made at such boarding schools are long lasting relationships with stable foundations. For both girls and boys co-educational facilities are the opportunity to place themselves in a wider community of men and women. Such boarding schools help to fight misconceptions of each sex and provide an opportunity to create a foundation for development of realistic and meaningful relationships. Co-educational boarding schools also offer many mixed extra-curricular activities which are set in a pleasant atmosphere and which meet individual needs of both boys and girls. Parents can be sure that co-educational boarding schools develop female and male perspectives, and friendly atmosphere at such schools, allows young people to express their individual views and opinions in an open and free manner. Coed boarding schools in England are ranked among best co ed boarding schools in the world. High level of education and best A-level and GCSE’s results decided that top coeduca-tional boarding schools are getting more and more popular among parents who want to en-sure that their sons and daughters will receive the best education possible. Co-ed boarding schools UK are the best choice for those who want to socialize with students of both sex be-cause this is a chance to learn how to function in a real-life community. Boarding schools for boys and girls will ensure that their students will receive the best cultural and personal education by giving them possibilities to discover their talents. Existing best co-ed boarding schools are gathering more and more talented students each year.