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   Worcestershire is a county which is situated in the West Midlands of England and the county town is Worcester. Despite the fact that this county is often associated with the Worcestershire sauce, then there is also plenty more aspects of this county which distinguish it among others. First of all, Worcestershire has a long historical background which originally belonged to the Kingdom of Mercia. Because of such historical tradition, there is plenty of landmarks and places of interest which gather not only national but also international tourists. These are: the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings, the Croome Court, the PErshore Abbey or the Witley Court which is qualified as the English heritage. As far as boarding schools in Worcestershire are concerned, then one need to mentioned that these schools are famous for its international cooperation with other educational institutions. Such a cooperation allows for a greater understanding of various cultures and tradition and teaches respects and eliminates discrimination and racism at the same time. Boarding schools in Worcestershire can offer your child the best education complied with the best qualified team of experts who are always eager to help. Boarding schools in Worcestershire and their schools authorities are aware of the fact that sending a child to a boarding schools is a difficult decision and this is why they are trying to do their best that students will feel like home. Children who study at boarding schools in Worcestershire can benefit from small classes which is really helpful to make new friendships and to cooperate with teachers in a bet-ter way. Boarding schools in Worcestershire offer high level of education offer great preparation for future University life and graduates from boarding schools in Worces-tershire end up in attending the finest Universities in the country. Additionally, boarding schools in Worcestershire belong to the best boarding schools in Europe which concentrate on international education and offer student exchange programmes. What is more, at boarding schools in Worcestershire teachers combine traditional education with a modern and practical approach.

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