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Schools in Windsor, Nova Scotia

Are you interested in best boarding schools in Canada? Do you want to attend those educational institutions? Looking for best boarding schools for girls in Canada? Have a look at a school located in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Although not truly in the Annapolis Valley, Windsor is the gateway to the Valley and many do consider it to be a part. Windsor's location, many attractions, rich history, and active recreation department enables it to live up to its claim of being a great place to call home. Being short drive to Halifax allows many of its residences to live in the more rural setting, but commute and work in the city. For hockey fans Windsor is a special place. Around 1800 the game, which is now Canada's favorite winter sport, was first played by students at King's College. Windsor Hockey Heritage Society now operates The Birthplace of Hockey Museum to celebrate and preserve this important part of Canadian History. Each year in October Windsor hosts the Pumpkin Regatta to celebrate the world famous Howard Dill Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. These pumpkins are the largest variety in the World. As of 2008 the record weight for these pumpkins was 1689 pounds. Boarding schools in Windsor belong to one of the finest and most elite boarding schools in the world and each year there is more and more candidates who want to attend those schools. Students from boarding schools in Windsor really appreciate the hard work of teachers which is reflected in their high educational results. They pass all of their exams with flying colors and the offer of international diplomas and certificates gives them a chance to attend some of the best international colleges and universities. Please take a look at our selection of boarding schools in Windsor!

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